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If you own a diner, cafeteria, or fast food establishment, squeeze bottles and condiment cups are an essential part of every kitchen or table. These bottles can be used to pour a variety of sauces, toppings, flavored oils, and vinegar to complement delicious dishes, desserts, or coffee. These items are also great for self-service condiment tables, as the bottles can easily be labeled with a simple marker.

Small, rounded bottles are ideal for filling and storing different types of sauces: tomato, soy, dressing, mayonnaise, oil, and more.

In this container, food products have a more presentable appearance. The shelf life of the product in this case is higher, besides the taste and nutritional qualities are well preserved throughout the term.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies offers a variety of glass sauce bottles for purchase on favorable terms for manufacturers of food and perfume products, owners of cafes, pizzerias and restaurants, massage salons, spas, and other organizations. Products with original forms are also used by decorators to create a special comfort in the kitchen space and other suitable rooms.

Types of Sauce Bottles and Cups

Bottles are divided into several types depending on their characteristics:

  • With a volume of 100 to 500 ml or more.
  • With a narrow or wide neck. The first option is designed for more liquid products, and the second is for pasty sauces. 
  • With glass, polymeric or cork, screw cap, etc. 

To order a bulk glass sauce bottle, contact the experts at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies.  

With their extensive selection of sauce bottles and dip cups, you're sure to find the perfect product to meet your needs.

Assortment from McDonald Paper 

McDonald Paper offers squeeze bottles and sauce cups in a variety of sizes and colors. 

For example:

  • Clear squeeze bottles
  • Wide-mouth squeeze bottles
  • Double spout bottles
  • Arabian extrusion bottles
  • Stainless steel dipping sauce cups

With a large selection of trusted brands, you can choose condiment dispensers and cups and be assured that it's the perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

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