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Stirrers – Choose Only the Best at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies 

Cocktail stirrers are the perfect accessory for any beverage, tea, or coffee. In our showroom, you will find a large selection of drink stirrers. Choose from fun and colorful stirrers to personalize your cocktails or standard ones that are great for coffee or tea. 

We will help you make the right choice and deliver your order on time. Or you can visit our showroom in Brooklyn. But first, let us tell you what approach you should take when choosing drink stirrers and what we can offer you.

Is There a Difference Between Coffee and Cocktail Swizzle Stick?

A stirring straw is a small stick made of plastic, wood, or glass, designed to mix a drink or is an accessory. Bartenders and baristas know the procedure for preparing the drink itself and what kind of swizzle should be served with it. For example, it is customary to serve unusual stirrers in bright colors for tropical cocktails. Whiskey and rum are drunk with ice and without stirrers, but in some places, the bartender can serve a classic black stirrer with such drinks.

The choice of coffee stir sticks is obvious. There is a simple wooden one that stirs sugar, syrup, or milk into the coffee itself. And such stirrers are not used for cocktails. So the main difference lies in the material, style, and size.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies – Place Where to Buy Drink Stir Sticks

Our main advantage is customer focus. Our range meets the current needs of customers. You can see this confirmation on our official website online or in person in our showroom. For example, disposable stirrers are an accessory in demand not only in cafes, bars, and offices. 

They will definitely be used in your home. In addition to a wide range, we also value your time and are ready to deliver within the USA. So where do you live? We are ready to deliver quickly to NY, NJ, and PA.