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On the one hand, disposable plastic dinnerware sets are not something that has changed the life of mankind. But on the other hand – it is impossible to deny that it has made our lives much more convenient. Thanks to it, you can comfortably enjoy a wedding in nature or easily take home food from the café. Inexpensive and convenient, it took its place in our life, making it more comfortable.

Features of disposable plastic tableware 

The most common materials for dishes are polystyrene and polypropylene. The first one is soft enough and harmless, provided it is not heated above +60 °C or alcohol is not poured inside. As for polypropylene, it does not emit toxins even when heated.

As for the types of plastic tableware sets, they are as follows:

  • Glasses – can be different colors and depending on the material of manufacture are used for hot and cold drinks.
  • Plates – lightweight and easy to use, can have different volumes and depths, as well as be divided into sectors.
  • Soup bowls – deep and dense enough to safely carry liquid food; they usually have a tight closing lid.
  • Cutlery – presented by forks, spoons, and knives, it is best to buy those made of polypropylene.

In addition, in the store McDonald Paper, you can buy wholesale sets that have everything you need for a comfortable consumption of food.

Advantages of plastic tableware 

The necessity to buy disposable hard plastic dinnerware occurs to the owners of catering establishments, catering companies, food delivery services, and fast food outlets. 

Thanks to this, ready meals can be delivered to the consumer without such problems as:

  • their leakage or spillage during delivery;
  • loss of appearance;
  • loss of taste;
  • rapid cooling or heating;
  • the ingress of dust and dirt.

Do not forget about its lightness and the lack of need to wash it. Products look great and can present any dish in all its glory.

Are you looking for quality disposable plastic dinnerware at an adequate price? Contact McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies. In this section of our catalog, it is presented in a wide range: besides glasses, you can buy shot glasses and goblets, soup bowls, and dishes, besides forks and spoons – stirrers.

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