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Lids at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies: Usefulness and Range

You will need disposable lids if directly involved in a takeaway coffee business. It is also a smart purchase for those who bring coffee with them from home. These lids will help keep your drink warm and prevent spilling on the road or in the car. 

They are of different types. For example, some lids cover the cup completely, while others have a small special opening for drinking and inserting a straw. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies sells different models that differ in material and color. 

Buying one lid is not a good deal, but packing 100, 500, or 1000 pieces will save you time and money.

Why Do You Need ​​Coffee Cup Lids for Your Business?

First, the lid is securely fixed on the cup, preventing its contents from splashing out when walking. You can drink your favorite drink without fear of staining your clothes or burning your hands. Also, dust or foreign objects will not get into your drink. The lid increases the strength of the paper cup. And if your drink needs a straw, the lid will be able to fix it in one position to make it more convenient for you to drink.

Many of us have coffee machines in the house, and we do not always have time to drink coffee at home. Disposable lids and cups come to the rescue. You can make coffee, put a lid on it, and hit the road.

Top 2 Cup Lids: Types

If we talk about the material from which the lids are made, the most popular are plastic and paper. But the cups are also divided into:

  1. For cold drinks. These products are equipped with a hole in the middle for a straw and are made of much less durable plastic or paper that does not retain heat.
  2. For hot drinks. Coffee lids are equipped with small narrow holes for drinking. They are small enough to flow through the cup in a thin stream. In addition, the material of these lids is heat resistant.

You can find both types of lids in the McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies showroom. Visit our Brooklyn store, or order NY, NJ, and PA shipping through the official website.