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  1. Winco VC-CT, Caster
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  2. Winco DCA-C10, 10-Inch Caster for DCA-6
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  3. Winco IFT-C5, 5-Inch Caster for IFT-2
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  4. Winco VC-CTB, Caster with Brake



The appropriate casters can make a huge difference in optimizing the functionality of your wire shelving units. Casters, also known as wheels or rollers, are a necessary addition that may turn static shelves into dynamic and versatile storage solutions. 

The Advantages of Wire Shelf Casters

Wire shelving units are already well-known for their lightweight yet robust design, making them excellent for a variety of storage applications. With the addition of casters, these shelving units become even more versatile and efficient. The key advantages of employing casters for wire shelving are as follows:

  • Mobility 

Casters convert fixed shelving into mobile units, allowing you to move and reorganize your storage space. This is particularly beneficial in industrial kitchens, warehouses, and retail settings.

  • Utilisation of Space

You can optimize your available space by shifting shelving arrangements to fit changing inventory or storage needs if you have the flexibility to move shelves around.

  • Cleaning Ease

Moving the shelf aside to completely clean the floor beneath makes cleaning a breeze.

  • Simple Access

Mobile wire shelving can be utilized as temporary workstations, increasing productivity by making objects easily available.

Caster Types for Wire Shelving

Several caster variations are available to accommodate a variety of settings and preferences:

Wire Shelving Wheels

These are all-purpose casters that roll smoothly on a variety of surfaces.

Metal Industrial Casters

These casters are ideal for high-duty applications since they can bear heavy loads and are built to survive harsh circumstances.

Shelving Wheels

These casters, specifically developed for shelving units, frequently incorporate a locking mechanism to secure the unit in place when needed.

Choose the Correct Casters

When choosing metal casters for your wire shelving, consider elements such as weight capacity, wheel material, and atmosphere. Metal industrial casters are best for big loads, while ordinary wire shelving wheels are fine for lesser weights and everyday use.


Wire shelving wheels are an easy approach to facilitate better organization and productivity. In commercial kitchens and retail spaces, these add-ons allow you to make the most of your wire shelving systems and meet the ever-evolving needs of your customers. Adding the right casters can transform your storage solution into a dynamic and mobile one.