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  1. PacknWood 209BBAMAGI, 7.8x1.75x5-Inch Amagi Long Bamboo Dish, 200/CS
    Special Price $187.99 Regular Price $230.99
  2. PacknWood 209BBGALGAL, 4.7x2.3x4-Inch Mini Black Bamboo Plate with 2 Compartments, 96/CS
    Special Price $157.99 Regular Price $195.99
  3. PacknWood 209BBMAHAL, 3.9x1.55-Inch Mahal Black Bamboo Tear Shaped Tasting Spoon, 144/CS
    Special Price $125.99 Regular Price $155.99
  4. PacknWood 209BBMIKNI, 3.5x0.4-Inch Mikni Natural Bamboo Mini Knife Spreader, 500/CS
    Special Price $169.99 Regular Price $208.99
  5. PacknWood 209BBNEMKA, 3.57x0.41-Inch Kamala Bamboo Mini Fork, 500/CS
    Special Price $189.99 Regular Price $235.99
  6. PacknWood 209BBNEMKIN, 3.6x0.38-inch Tung Black Bamboo Mini Spoon, 500/CS
    Special Price $197.99 Regular Price $243.99
  7. PacknWood 209BBNNEMKOT, 3.55x0.35-Inch Mikni Natural Bamboo Mini Knife Spreader, 500/CS
    Special Price $185.99 Regular Price $229.99
  8. PacknWood 209BBPATTAYA, 3.9-Inch Pattay Bamboo Mini Dish Tasting Spoon, 144/CS
    Special Price $107.99 Regular Price $132.99

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging by McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

McDonald Paper offers a range of biodegradable eco-friendly restaurant supplies. These products are made of a variety of compostable materials, such as cornstarch, PLA (biodegradable plastic), fiber, sustainable paper, bagasse, sugarcane and more. By purchasing eco-friendly disposables, you are not only contributing to saving our planet, but also to using attractive, highly functional items in your foodservice establishment. Go green without sacrificing your clients comfort by using our recyclable eco-friendly serveware and restaurant supplies.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies offers you wide range of recyclable, biodegradable and compostable items:

Eco disposables can yet withstand considerable loads. Your guests will also like biodegradable disposable packaging and takeout supplies, because it's practical, long-lasting and environmentally safe alternative to plastic. Manufactured from renewable resources, eco items of SafePro Eco brand are the best choice for your street food or catering business.

Check out our assortment of eco-friendly supplies to choose the most appropriate option for your needs. For example, in addition to our selection of eco-friendly PLA Containers, check out our take-out boxes, and eco-friendly restaurant cleaning supplies to make sure your foodservice establishment has full set of eco-friendly items.

McDonald Paper has been a reliable supplier of biodegradable disposables for 20 years, fulfilling thousands of orders in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and beyond in an always efficient and timely manner.

Looking for wholesale biodegradable serveware and catering supplies store near you? Visit our showroom in Brooklyn with more than 20,000 stock items where you can personally assess the quality and variety of biodegradable disposable supplies.