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Food Stands

Food Display Stands – McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Our food stands are ideal for showing your menu items in an attractive and organized manner. You can choose from a range of sizes, styles, and materials to find your ideal stand. From simple to eye-catching – we offer a variety of stand shapes to choose from:

  • Hexagon; 
  • Multi-Level; 
  • Square; 
  • Rectangular; 
  • Octagon. 

Our buffet stands and buffet risers are perfect for creating an elegant display. If you're catering any special occasion, our stands are sure to impress your guests. With various sizes and styles, you can easily find the perfect stand at a competitive price.

We understand the matter of creating a visually pretty display to showcase your culinary creations. That's why we offer a wide choice of catering displays with platters, bowls, and trays. Our products are made from high-quality materials and are designed for commercial use.

We offer wholesale orders to corporations in NY, NJ, PA, and nationwide. If you are in the New York metro area, you can enjoy free shipping for orders above $99.99. 

Moreover, you can visit our Brooklyn showroom to see our top-of-the-line products in person. Our unique equipment collection is available for you to peruse. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is committed to providing excellent customers to fulfill your needs!

You can easily place your order with us by visiting our online website or calling us. We promise to process and ship your order promptly, so you can receive it within a day. Experience the difference our products and service can make for your business today!