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Paper Towels

Paper Towels For Different Needs at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Paper towels should be freely available in every home, shop, restaurant, cafe, and office. Experienced suppliers have long selected reliable manufacturers on the market and provide thousands of people daily with napkins. They can be useful to you in the kitchen, bath, toilet, living room, and other places at home. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies sells paper towels in bulk and retail. You can buy the quantity you need in the store in Brooklyn or online. Ask for delivery to NY, NJ, PA, or other US states.  

What Are Disposable Hand Towels Made Of?

In modern industries, they are made from 100% cellulose. Also, some do with an additional layer of cellulose fiber for better absorption. It will quickly get rid of wet spots, such as coffee spilled at breakfast. Paper towels are made in the form of rolls. Their length is from 10 to 50 m. Smaller ones are convenient to take with you on the road or put in the car, which is larger – it is better to use at home or for commercial purposes.

How to Use Industrial Paper Towels? 

Let's give some specific examples of the use of disposable towels. 

  • In the house, paper towels can be installed on a special holder, allowing you to tear off the necessary piece with one hand.
  • In the kitchen, they are indispensable. They can wipe any surface – from the table to the floor. So, they are perfect janitorial disposables. 
  • They can also be used while cooking. For example, paper towels are ideal for removing excess moisture from meat before frying or simmering. Then, you need to cover the product with a cloth on both sides and leave it for a while. 
  • They can be used in bathrooms for cleaning mirrors or like paper hand towels for the bathroom. 

Buying bulk paper towels at an affordable price is much more profitable than a one-time supply. Make more than one stock so it will be used quickly enough. Therefore, take care of yourself and your business in advance, and order the right amount, so you do not incur unnecessary costs later.