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Insect Control Products

Pest Maintenance items - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Cleaning and sanitizing the premises may be insufficient if you have a pest problem. To tackle this, we offer a rich selection of pest maintenance products. Because of problems with insects clients may left your business and never come back. To avoid this buy insect traps at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies. We offer high quality insect traps and accessories produced by Curtron, Winco and Vector. Insect traps are safe for your clients and staff. So you don’t have to worry about their health.

At McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies you can find:

  • Stainless Steel Wall Sconce Insect Traps
  • Electric Insect Zappers
  • Glue Trap Insect Trappers
  • Fly Trap Systems
  • Replacement Lamps for Fly Trap System
  • Adhesive Board Sets

Our insect traps and accessories vary by kind, purpose and performance to best meet your needs. Call us, if you want buy some!

For preventive maintenance, we also recommend items from our Mops, Buckets & Cleaning Tools and Chemicals for General Cleaning sections. If you want mark temporary dangerous zones, browse our Safety & Directional Signs