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  1. Hoshizaki KM-1301SWJ3, Cube-Style Commercial Ice-Maker
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Undercounter Ice Machines

Undercounter Ice Machines

When you need plenty of ice but have little counter space, the kitchen ice maker under-counter is a great choice. These versatile machines may fit under your counter or bar to produce ice when needed. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies offers under-counter ice machines for restaurants, bars, cafés, and even home kitchens.

Using an under-the-counter ice maker in a busy kitchen has several advantages. First, they are strategically placed close to your desks or service areas to improve efficiency and productivity by facilitating convenient access to ice. A steady supply of ice is essential for many kitchen tasks, including making cocktails, plating fish, and chilling meals. An under-the-counter ice maker solves this problem.

Uses in a Wide Variety of Settings

Commercial ice maker under-counter may be used in any setting. In addition to being a standard fixture in commercial kitchens, these ice makers are often installed in private homes. Imagine all the enjoyable moments you could have with your guests or alone using an under-the-counter ice maker. This under-cabinet ice machine can meet your everyday ice demands and look great in your kitchen.

Pure Ice For Drinks That Shine Like Diamonds

Many under-the-counter ice makers also give you the option of making transparent ice cubes, which are perfect for cocktails. Clear ice cubes are thicker and melt more slowly than their cloudy counterparts, preserving the full taste of your beverages. Your under-the-counter ice maker's transparent ice-making capability will do wonders for the visual appeal and flavor of your iced coffees, cocktails, and other refreshing drinks.

How to Find the Best Countertop Ice Maker

Every restaurant and commercial kitchen has specific needs, and we at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies are here to provide them. That's why we have many different types of affordable commercial under-counter ice machines. We offer alternatives that range in production capacity and ice type, so whether you need a sizable under-counter ice maker for a bar or a little one for your kitchen, we can help. Check our options to locate the best under-the-counter ice maker for your needs and space constraints.


An under-the-counter ice maker is ideal for limited counter space. These compact under cabinet ice machine are excellent for any situation and may optimize counter or bar space. There are several under-counter ice machines to satisfy client needs. Our selection includes commercial and residential models. Use a reliable under-bar ice machine to create superior ice. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies has an under bar ice machine that provides ice where you need it.