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McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies Is the Best Place to Find Disposable Restaurant Supplies

Disposable catering supply makes life much easier. And sometimes even more convenient than all other reusable kitchen utensils. Many no longer imagine their lives without plastic food containers, straws, coasters, napkins, and other accessories. You can find it all at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies, which has everything and more for cooking, food, and savings. But why should you choose us?

Benefits of McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

There are a few things that make us different from other disposable tableware sellers. Here are some of our features:

  • We sell only high-quality, best, and trusted cookware from manufacturers such as Dart, Placon, SafePro, and more;
  • We have a varied selection of different types of equipment and their diversities;
  • We have been selling wholesale disposable catering supplies for 28 years, confidently holding onto the market and having thousands of regular customers;
  • Most of our products are always in stock in our showroom;
  • We are located practically in the center of New York in a busy area, so we are easy to find;
  • We deliver wholesale dishes to any place in the USA;
  • We provide free shipping to the New York Metro Area on purchases from $99.

Why Choose Our Disposable Restaurant Supplies?

Here you can find an extensive selection of different accessories. It includes various options for straws, coasters for hot dishes, glasses, plastic food containers, disposable cutlery, paper, and plastic bags, different colors and diversities of napkins, and much more. We have a wide variety of products made of plastic, paper, wood, and other materials that are safe for food and the human body. We also have ecological dishes. In addition, if you are eco-friendly, you can also find everything you need with us. 

We regularly supply our items to many restaurants in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other near US cities. We have thousands of regular customers who already know exactly about the quality of our products and order them. In addition, we are often chosen as a tableware supplier for various outdoor events, catering, pizzerias, and other food-related businesses. Given this, we can carry out direct deliveries of products to your institution or event, having previously indicated the place of delivery when placing an order.

Moreover, we additionally check our products for their quality to give our customers only high-quality goods. So you can have complete confidence in us and our products.