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Disposable Dinnerware

Disposable Dinnerware

Tabletop Disposables - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Disposable Tableware is a perfect option for quick-serve bars and cafes, catering business and casual outdoor events. The best thing about disposable supplies is that they make cleanup quick and effortless. Produced from durable polystyrene, foam, paperboard and other materials, disposable plates and bowls can hold large portions of appetizers, salads and other foods without deformation. Moreover, disposable tableware is available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, so you could find the best option in terms of design.

Whether you are hosting a catered event, a picnic or just a party, you'll find everything you need on McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies website. We offer:

  • Plastic Plates with Compartments
  • Plastic Bowls with Lids
  • Paper Bowls with Lids
  • Foam Food Bowls
  • Styrofoam Plates
  • Plastic Cutlery Kits
  • With hundreds of high quality products to choose from, McDonald Paper and Restaurant Supply Company is your one stop shop for disposable tableware. We have best prices on products from such trusted manufacturers as Berkley Square, Fineline Settings, World Centric and many others restaurant supply brands.

    Modern plastic tableware can be a great decor element thanks to color prints, scalloped edges and embossed patterns. Choose from various designs, shapes, materials and sizes to create an attractive table setting. Lightweight and stackable, disposable plates and bowls are easy to stock and use in a busy food service environment.

    Browse the selection of Plastic Drinkware offered by McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supply Co to find beverage glasses for any table setting. You may also need Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Cutlery, a “green” solution for the environmentally-conscious consumers.