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Plastic Barware

Reusable Plastic Bar Glasses to Meet Your Requirements

With reusable plastic barware, your organization can combine the elegance of glass with the durability, affordability, and convenience of plastic. This set includes reusable plastic wine, martini, and other glasses so you can serve your customers their favorite beverages. Durable and simple to clean, these glasses are ideal for outdoor bars and catered celebrations.

Plastic cups for bars may be used for shot glasses or extra-large margaritas. For upscale catered parties or wine tastings, use reusable plastic wine glasses to reduce guests' anxieties about breaking glass. This reusable plastic barware won't break, saving you time and money on cleaning up smashed glass and refilling glasses.

Our reusable barware may save you money operating a bar, restaurant, or catering business. These glasses' plastic design eliminates broken glass hazards. We provide all your barware requirements, from standard to special occasion disposable plastic wine glasses. Buy durable, affordable beer mugs, martini glasses, hurricane glasses, and more from our large collection. 

Plastic Barware's Ascent in the Hospitality Industry

The use of plastic glassware for bars in bars is more than a passing fad; it's a sea change in the beverage service industry. Let me explain:

  1. Plastic barware is almost indestructible, making it a safe and long-lasting alternative to conventional glass. This property greatly lessens the likelihood of harm coming from shattered glass, which is of utmost importance in heavily populated pubs and event venues.
  2. Efficiency: Bars' plastic cups are cheap. They save money in the long run since they cut down on the frequency of replacements caused by breaks.
  3. Attractiveness: Contemporary plastic barware captures the radiance and refinement of glass, elevating any decor.
  4. Convenience and Hygiene: Concerning cleanliness and ease of use, reusable bar glasses are second to none, particularly in situations involving numerous drinks. 

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies Assortment

Among the many options for reusable plastic barware that we provide are:

  • Transparent Plastic Glasses (Tumblers): These glasses may hold water, soft drinks, and cocktails. Their durability and storage make them useful.
  • Transparent Plastic Wine Goblets: Ideal for red and white wines. Elegant form and attractive design give refinement to any gathering.
  • Transparent plastic wine glasses: Great for tastings and other wine varieties. Classic stemmed or sturdy stemless designs are available.
  • Transparent Plastic Martini Glasses:  With its cone form and beautiful stem, transparent plastic martini glasses are popular for martinis and other drinks.
  • Transparent Plastic Champagne Flutes: These thin, tall flutes protect and highlight champagne and other sparkling wines' characteristic effervescence.

Online shopping for wholesale plastic barware at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is just as hassle-free as visiting our physical Brooklyn showroom. All it takes is a few clicks from the convenience of your home or workplace to locate and buy the things you need.