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  1. Turbo Air MST-36-15-N6 2 Solid Doors Mega Top Unit
    SKU: MST-36-15-N6
  2. Turbo Air TST-60SD-D4-N 4 Drawers Sandwich/Salad Unit
    SKU: TST-60SD-D4-N
  3. Turbo Air TST-48SD-18-N 2 Solid Doors Mega-Top Unit
    SKU: TST-48SD-18-N
  4. Turbo Air TST-28SD-12-N 1 Solid Door Mega-Top Unit
    SKU: TST-28SD-12-N
  5. Turbo Air TST-72SD-30-N 3 Solid Doors Mega-Top Unit
    SKU: TST-72SD-30-N
  6. Turbo Air TST-28SD-D2-N 2 Drawers Sandwich/Salad Unit
    SKU: TST-28SD-D2-N
  7. Turbo Air MST-28-12-N 1 Solid Door Mega Top Unit
    SKU: MST-28-12-N
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Items 1-40 of 74

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Salad & Sandwich Prep Tables

Salad And Sandwich Preparation Tables by McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

When a refrigerator, a cutting board and several pans merge in a single unit, they form a refrigerated prep table. Salad and sandwich prep tables are specifically designed to work with submarine sandwich bread, these pieces of restaurant equipment are intended to bring maximum convenience and efficiency to its users. Whether you run a restaurant, cafeteria or catered business, our salad preparation refrigerators will speedy meal prep in your quick serve establishment.

If you're wondering where to buy perfect items for your foodservice business, make sure to check our best sandwich prep tables options:

  • Refrigerated Sandwich Prep Tables With Slide-Back Lids
  • Refrigerated Sandwich Prep Tables With Glass Lids
  • Refrigerated Salad Prep Tables
  • Wide Mega-Top Sandwich And Salad Prep Tables
  • Bain Marie Self-Contained Sandwich Prep Tables
  • Sandwich Prep Tables With Deluxe Shelvings
  • Refrigerated Open Top Sandwich Prep Tables
  • Sandwich Prep Tables With Glass Sneeze Guard

McDonald Paper offers competitive prices for the purchase of commercial sandwich prep tables by reputable vendors such as Nor-Lake AdvantEDGE, Turbo Air, Beverage Air, Maxximum, Atosa and others.

Salad and Sandwich Prep Tables for Your Commercial Kitchen

At McDonald Paper you will find lots of preparation tables of different sizes and storage capacities, which feature various combinations of pans to fit with your favorite ingredient organization method.

Our sandwich and salad preparation refrigerators are a reliable helpers at any commercial kitchen. They have a sturdy construction with stainless steel front, top and sides. Sleek design with zero clearance back and sides makes cleaning a snap. Solid state thermostat with digital display ensures easy temperature control.

Sandwich Prep Tables Options

Sandwich food prep refrigerator with self-closing doors has such well-thought-out refrigeration system and air cooled topping rail that all ingredients remain cool and fresh even with the open lid. Depending on your preferences you can choose units with different types of lids or without them.

Salad Prep Tables Options

With a robust PVC coated shelves and poly-vinyl cutting boards, our salad units will easily withstand tough use at your foodservice operation. Designed according to the latest technology and experts' developments, refrigerated salad prep tables will surely meet your demands.

If you're looking for a slightly different solution, please check out our Pizza Prep Tables and Refrigerated Sushi Cases sections.

McDonald Paper has been a reliable supplier of restaurant sandwich prep tables for 20 years, fulfilling thousands of orders in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and beyond in an always efficient and timely manner.

Looking where to find the best commercial sandwich prep tables for sale? Visit our showroom in Brooklyn with more than 20,000 stock items where you can personally assess the quality and variety of best rated sandwich prep tables.