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Salad & Sandwich Prep Tables

Choose Sandwich Prep Table at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies for Efficient Kitchen Work

Commercial kitchen professionals have long recognized the benefits of sandwich and salad prep tables. Such a thing in the kitchen saves time. But what makes a prep table useful? You can prepare the ingredients you need ahead of time and keep them handy while cooking. In other words, it reduces labor intensity and increases productivity by storing all ingredients in one place and spare ingredients in the freezer. It is a very effective method of operation. You can make different menu items based on a fixed list of ingredients that you can store on your cooking table, so this could be a great solution for your kitchen.

In order for everything to work perfectly according to your plan, you still have to choose your perfect sandwich prep table refrigerator. And that's where McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies can help you. We have been on the market for a long time and supply everything you need in your kitchen: equipment and disposable eco-friendly products.

4 Key Benefits of Buying a Commercial Sandwich Prep Table

  1. Versatile space while cooking. Many versions of these tables have a common space at the top, ensuring all fresh ingredients are within reach. In addition, below is a separate refrigerator where you can safely store all your ingredients, sauces, pasta, and even freshly prepared meals. This workstation provides an organized workspace, which is key to preparing delicious meals for your customers.
  2. The freshness of ingredients and ready meals. The sandwich prep table is perfect for keeping ingredients fresh, ready-to-eat meals, or any food step in between, providing uncompromising taste.
  3. Improving work efficiency in the kitchen. A well-equipped workspace gives you the perfect workspace, and a cooling unit ensures everything is close by and available in one compact area. It will also speed up the process, allowing you to produce high-quality meals in less time, improving your overall work efficiency.
  4. Large selection of models available. You can choose according to your exact requirements, from size to the number of refrigerators below, door style, and countertop material. In order not to get lost in such a wide range of goods, checking with your supplier for the ideal deli prep table is important.

Organize Your Kitchen with McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

For 28 years, we have successfully supplied our customers with the necessary equipment. Our range also includes a refrigerated sandwich prep table. You can get acquainted with our assortment on the website or by visiting the showroom in Brooklyn. Here are some of the most popular positions among our clients:

  • Refrigerated Sandwich Prep Tables With Slide-Back Lids;
  • Refrigerated Salad Prep Tables;
  • Sandwich Prep Tables With Deluxe Shelvings;
  • Sandwich Prep Tables With Glass Sneeze Guard.

We are also happy to deliver your order within the United States, including NY, NJ, PA, and other states.