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Disposable Trays

Disposable Trays – Best Serving Items

Disposable tableware is easy to move from one place to another, but why not use a tray? There are also disposable serving trays to keep the same theme with single pink plates, cups, and cutlery. Our store is ready to provide the best specimens. They can also be used as regular plates. Let's find out why this is a good choice.

Is It Better to Choose Disposable Food Trays?

Disposable serving trays have many benefits people want to take advantage of. For example, our customers note their practicality and environmental friendliness compared to other trays. But what are the main criteria for choosing disposable trays, platters, cups, etc.?

  • The disposable tray can only be used once, which guarantees users the required hygiene standards. Their use is essential in cafeterias, restaurants, and catering services.

  • Lightweight makes such trays as convenient as possible, especially if you have to serve dinner for dozens of people.

  • With disposable items, you won't need to wash your plates and trays as they are for single use only, and you just need to throw them away after they've been used once.

All these advantages apply to disposable tableware made from good materials. You can check our products' quality by visiting our Brooklyn showroom. We value our reputation, so our products are eco-friendly.

How Can McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies Surprise You?

You may be surprised, but there are different models of trays. Some are ideal for serving lunch, others for fruit, and others may even come with lids. The last type is more like disposable serving platters. The lid fits snugly to the tray/plate itself so that the dish does not absorb foreign odor. Dust does not get there and spoil the presentable look. Often, they try to decorate dishes to look perfect, even in disposable platters with lids.

Our assortment includes various disposable to-go products, but as for trays, we are ready to provide the following:

  • Wooden trays;

  • Plastic trays;

  • Trays of different colors;

  • Trays with lids.

  • 5-Compartment trays.

We supply wholesale products from our showroom and deliver within the United States, including the NY, NJ, PA, etc., states.