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Professional Chef Hats - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Taking care of your business - means taking care of your employees. Provide your staff with maximum comfort, using our wide choice of restaurant hats for cooks. They keep your personnel always look professional and stylish.

If you`re wondering where to buy perfect items for your take-out foodservice business, make sure to check McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies chef hats options:

  • High Paper Chef Hat
  • Height Chefs Hat
  • Disposable Chef Hat
  • Cotton Chef Hat
  • Due to our careful selection of trusted brands such as Winco, you can choose high quality kitchen hats and be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

    These items come in a great selection of types, colors and sizes. Our height chefs hat keeps hair swept away and brings an atmosphere of fine dining. This item features extended headpiece that is extremely convenient in use. Cooking hat is an essential accessory for all chefs. The hat is white and provides the professional look that prevents loose hair from falling into the kitchenware and dishes. It fits everyone. The hat is made from the lightweight paper making it ideal for working in a hot, occupied kitchen. Choose black chef hat for a true professional. Tailored according to special requirements, it is light, durable and easily adjustable with the help of velcro closure. Produced from polyester and cotton combination material, it will retain its nice-to-feel texture and rich color after many wash cycles. Call us today and make an order!

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