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  1. Winco PRTS-2, Plastic Rotary Cheese Grater
    SKU: PRTS-2
  2. Winco GT-204, Manual Zester Blade Grater
    SKU: GT-204
  3. Winco GT-105, Manual Fine Blade Grate
    SKU: GT-105
  4. Winco GT-103, Medium Coarse Blade Grater
    SKU: GT-103
  5. EMGA 016070, Westmark Grater
    Out of Stock
  6. Winco GT-201, Slicer Blade Grater with Anti-Slip Foot
    Out of Stock
  7. Winco GT-203, Medium Coarse Blade Grater with Anti-Slip Foot
    Out of Stock
  8. Winco GT-206, Ribbon Blade Grater with Anti-Slip Foot
    Out of Stock
  9. Winco GT-106, Ribbon Blade Grater
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Professional Graters - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Graters are essential items and required in both home and commercial kitchens. Whenever you need to grate cheese, chocolate or nutmeg, these kitchen tools will help you out. Browse our website to find perfect items that best suit your restaurant`s needs.

McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers a huge selection of hand graters for any of your food prep tasks:

  • Drum Graters For Cheese
  • 5 Sided Graters
  • Manual Zester Blade Graters
  • Ribbon Blade Graters
  • Slicer Blade Graters
  • If you find it difficult to choose an appropriate food graters, you can always rely on trusted manufacturers such as Thunder Group, Winco. And be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

    We offer a range of stainless steel and plastic hand-, blade-, box graters and many others variants with a variety of holes types. High quality materials and sturdy construction of these graters, guarantees extreme durability and convenience in use. Choose grater with medium holes for hard cheeses, nuts and chocolate. Its blade efficiently resists corrosion, warping and bending, even at tough frequent use. Multi size box grater is designed for grating cheeses and different vegetables. It has different sides for grating with 4 different styles. Use soft grip grater to shred and grate delicious cheeses and other products quickly and effortlessly. Make sure to get couple of these essential tools for your restaurant, diner, cafe or bistro, in order to ease everyday preparation cycles in your kitchen.

    Check out McDonald Paper wide selection of Utility Knives and Blades & Cheese Wires to become a professionally equipped establishment.