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  1. CLOSEOUT - Pactiv SMB03BLK, 8.5x6.25x2.5-Inch Black #3 Folded Paper Take Out Box, 130/CS
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  2. CLOSEOUT - Pactiv SMB05BLK, 8.5x8.5x2.5-Inch Black #5 Folded Paper Take Out Box, 100/CS
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Disposable Food Boxes

Disposable Food Box by a Reliable Supplier 

Lunch is an important meal during the day. But it is not always possible to return home or look for cafe or restaurant to have lunch. Therefore, you need to take food with you. Is it convenient to do in ordinary ceramic dishes? Of course not. Safe packaging is impossible, so you need to look for an alternative. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is ready to offer dozens of great options, such as disposable lunch boxes. It is a convenient, fast, and safe way to take food anywhere while maintaining its taste and appearance. We have a rich assortment from which you can choose a container that perfectly matches your needs. 

Benefits of Using Disposable Food Boxes

The use of disposable tableware has become a trend in recent years. However, there are other reasons why hundreds of cafes and restaurants prefer a disposable container instead of a ceramic plate or take-out tray. Among the most common:

  • It is the most economical way. It is more beneficial to use disposable dishes than ceramic ones when ordering take-out. If you don't have them, you can't take take-out orders. And refusing delivery will negatively affect your business.
  • It is the safest and most convenient way.  After eating, you can simply throw out the container or leave the sandwich for later if you cannot finish everything.
  • It is the most environmentally friendly way. If you are an environmentalist, our boxes are made from safe materials. Moreover, they hermetically protect your food from foreign odors.

Each disposable sandwich box fulfills its function 100%, and you should not worry that the packing food will lose its presentability during transportation.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies: Assortment 

We deservedly are on the list of top suppliers of disposable tableware due to the high quality and huge variety. Therefore, in our showroom in Brooklyn, you will find dozens of options for food boxes. Among the most popular positions:

  • Disposable lunch box;
  • Disposable cake box;
  • Disposable pizza box;
  • Disposable take-out box.

No time to visit the showroom, or are you not in Brooklyn? The entire range is also available on our official website, with the ability to arrange delivery within the United States, such as NY, NJ, PA, etc.