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Table Signs

Customers in the institution are always pleased when they can quickly find their way around the event. Usually, table signs help with this. They can mark sections, specific tables, food, and drinks. 

At McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies, you'll find a variety of items for various restaurant tabletop signage:

  • Stainless steel table display signs;
  • Table reservation sign;
  • Double-sided plate for the menu;
  • Pointers to individual zones or specific dishes/drinks.

We have all these table sings and about 20,000 more items of goods, and we carefully check for quality. Therefore, for many years we have been working only with the best manufacturers of plates and other products. 

For over decades, we have been pleasing our customers with excellent quality and reasonable prices. That's why we have over a thousand regular customers. Among them, you can find restaurateurs, owners of cafés, catering, and food courts. They all know about the high quality of the product and work of McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies.

If you are the owner of a catering establishment, our tabletop signs in bulk can come in handy. Products made of stainless steel and high-quality plastic can serve you for a long time without changing their original appearance. So place your order right now! You can do this through the website or by calling us. You can also come to our showroom in Brooklyn to see all the variety of goods.

We ship to NY, NY, PA, and other cities across the US. We try to do all this in the shortest possible time.