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Crispy toasts, lush Viennese waffles or lace-like crepes – a variety of tempting treats can be made within a couple of minutes with the help of professional equipment. At McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies, we are glad to provide you with a toaster, waffle- or crepe-machine that would help to save your time for cooking breakfast or dessert offerings for your guests. Some of our conveyor toasters boast the capacity of over 1000 slices per hour – a truly amazing performance! Baking exquisite leaf-shaped waffles is a snap, when you kitchen is fitted with a proper appliance. If you are looking for other countertop equipment, browse out selection of Countertop Ranges and Induction Cookers. Stock Pot & Wok Ranges and Rice Cookers might be of special interest for food service companies that specialize in Pan-Asian cuisine.