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  1. PacknWood 210BXBAG, 13.75x5.9x6-Inch Kraft Box Bag with Handles, 50/CS
    SKU: 210BXBAG
    Special Price $105.99 Regular Price $130.99
  2. PacknWood 210BAG60BR, 22.8x4-Inch Kraft Brown Bag for Baguette, 1000/CS
    SKU: 210BAG60BR
    Special Price $71.99 Regular Price $86.99
  3. PacknWood 210CAB2518BR, 10.15x6.5x11.1-Inch Kraft Paper Bag with Green Handles, 250/CS
    SKU: 210CAB2518BR
    Special Price $99.99 Regular Price $123.99
  4. PacknWood 210CAB2518W, 10.15x6.5x11.1-Inch White Paper Bag with Green Handles, 250/CS
    SKU: 210CAB2518W
    Special Price $71.99 Regular Price $88.99
  5. PacknWood 210CABABYN, 6.95x3.5x8.9-Inch Black Paper Bag with Handles, 500/CS
    Special Price $125.99 Regular Price $156.99
  6. PacknWood 210CABTRBR, 9.6x12.5x8-Inch Kraft/Brown Paper Carrier Bag, 250/CS
    Special Price $101.99 Regular Price $124.99
  7. PacknWood 210CABTRN, 9.6x12.6x8.5-Inch Large Black Paper Bag with Handles, 250/CS
    SKU: 210CABTRN
    Special Price $115.99 Regular Price $142.99
  8. PacknWood 210CABTR, 9.5x12.5x8.9-Inch White Paper Carrier Bag, 250/CS
    SKU: 210CABTR
    Special Price $123.99 Regular Price $153.99
  9. PacknWood 210SOS11BRF, 7-inch Long Brown SOS Bag with Window, 500/CS
    SKU: 210SOS11BRF
    Special Price $105.99 Regular Price $130.99
  10. PacknWood 210SOS13BLF, 7-inch Long White SOS Bag with Window, 500/CS
    SKU: 210SOS13BLF
    Special Price $103.99 Regular Price $127.99
  11. PacknWood 210SOS22BRF, 9-inch Long Brown SOS Bag with Window, 500/CS
    SKU: 210SOS22BRF
    Special Price $151.99 Regular Price $188.99
  12. PacknWood 210SOSDP32BR, 12.6-inch Kraft Double-Layer Paper Bag, 250/CS
    SKU: 210SOSDP32BR
    Special Price $197.99 Regular Price $244.99

Paper Bags

Disposable Paper Bags - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Paper food bags have been around for more than a hundred years, and for good reason. They are both biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Some are even made from material that has already been recycled many times. Whether you own a market, a liquor store, or a bakery, these shop paper bags come in a range of sizes for all your packaging needs.

Check out our disposable packaging options to find high quality retail paper bags for commercial and home use:

  • Plain Kraft Paper Bags
  • Beige Paper Food Bags
  • Newspaper Print Shopping Bags
  • Liquor Paper Bags
  • Ecocraft Waxed Bakery Bags
  • Browse our McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies website to choose grocery paper bags from such reputable brands as Bagcraft Papercorn, SafePro, Novolex and more.

    Our square-bottomed bags stand up and hold their shape for easy filling, and all of our paper bags can be neatly stacked and folded. With our huge assortment of paper carrier bags, you can choose special items for your produce stand, grocery check-out counters, or retail store. Available in different sizes and colors, market paper bags with handles are durably designed to withstand considerable loads. Our ecocraft waxed bakery bags are made to be used for sandwiches, pastries, cookies etc. In addition they are microwavable safe and suitable with any cold or hot applications. Since they are all environmentally friendly, our paper bags added positive impact on the environment.

    Enhance your foodservice business by using our Plastic Bags and Vacuum & Zip Lock Bags. Just remember not to throw them in a trash can, but to recycle them instead!