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Protective Gloves

Protective Gloves - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

For higher safety in process of food preparation or kitchen cleaning works, be sure to use different types of McDonald Paper's protective gloves. For any taste and preference, our gloves are offered in different sizes, colors and materials, so it is easy to find the one that matches your type of work the best way.

If you`re wondering where to buy perfect items for your take-out foodservice business, make sure to check our safety gloves options:

  • White Cotton Gloves
  • Powdered Vinyl Gloves
  • Cut Resistant Gloves
  • Protective Mesh Gloves
  • Natural Latex Gloves
  • Due to McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies great selection of trusted brands such as Winco and Hygrade, you can choose high quality protection gloves and be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

    Keep your employees safe and clean on the job by providing them our extremely reliable and durable thin protective gloves. Our protective gloves are made to last and save you money by eliminating the costs of buying disposables gloves. Choose latex gloves for dish washers, launderers, carwashers, and gardeners. These gloves are soft and comfortable so they alleviate some of the stress of working. Use 100% cotton white service gloves to complete the classic look of the restaurant servers thus accentuating the upscale and neat look of your establishment. Our cut resistant gloves is ideal for protecting hands while using kitchen hazards such as knives or graters. This item is made of cut resistant fibers. The material is breathable, lightweight and stretchable that makes the glove comfortable in use.

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