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Dry Display Cases

Dry Bakery Display Cases - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Dry display cases ensure superior merchandising for bread, pastry, sandwiches and other foods that do not require refrigeration. McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies carries a huge variety of dry display cases for you to find the option that fits your preferences and needs best of all. They are universally applicable and can equally fit a small coffee bar or a large-scale confectionery store.

If you`re wondering which item is the best choice for your foodservice business, make sure to check our dry display cases options:

  • Curved Glass Dry Bakery Display Cases
  • 4-Compartment Dry Display Cases
  • Dry Bakery Display Cases With Sliding Doors
  • Tapered Front Dry Display Cases
  • Dry High Bakery Display Cases
  • Tops For Dry Bakery Display Cases
  • McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers competitive prices for the purchase of commercial dry bakery display cases by reputable vendors such as Leader, Universal Coolers, Turbo Air and other.

    We provide bakery display dry case in a variety of style, number of sections, color and size, be sure to find the perfect unit to meet your establishment`s needs! Our items are perfect for displaying many types of pastries that do not require refrigeration, such as bagels, cookies, and muffins. A combination of eye-catchy merchandising and comfort in use and maintenance, these displays are a great solution for your business. Their adjustable shelves allow to organize the inner space of the display according to the needs of your establishment. Independently wired shelf lights, providing great visual appearance for customers. When considering what appliance would better blend in with the interior of your establishment, please note that we offer not only floor configurations, but also one- or two-shelf units that can be mounted upon your refrigeration case.

    When warming is what your dishes need, we can offer our Heated Display Cases. And for deli foods, you are welcome to look through the Deli Cases section.