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Toilet Paper & Toilet Seat Covers

Toilet Paper Delivery by McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Modern people cannot imagine their daily routine without many things. And how funny it doesn't sound, but one of these things is toilet paper. It is an essential thing that is needed both in your home and in any public place with toilets. Taking toilet paper for personal hygiene items is customary, so you should choose a manufacturer. Different papers are available in today's market, and their costs differ. But only sometimes, the price is a quality indicator. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is one of the best distributors of quality products. And, of course, our assortment also has toilet paper tissue. However, there are other things you may need if you are the owner of a cafe, restaurant, etc. It is also worth considering the wholesale purchase of toilet seat covers. 

Why Is It Profitable to Buy Toilet Paper Online from Us?

We have worked in this area for 28 years and collected many useful disposable products. As a result, we are ready to offer toilet paper of different densities and quantities. Even the best-selling products that are out of stock are available for pre-order. We are rapidly replenishing our stocks to meet your expectations. With us, you can order in bulk and deliver it to the address you specified. Shipping is available to NY, NJ, PA, and other states. And if you do not need toilet paper delivery, we will be glad to see you in our showroom in Brooklyn.  There you can buy not only in bulk but also one roll at an acceptable price. 

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies: Assortment 

We have nearly a hundred positions in our assortment, so let's find out some categories: 

  • Extra soft toilet tissues;
  • 2-ply toilet tissues;
  • White toilet paper;
  • Half-fold toilet seat covers;
  • Paper toilet seat covers.

Be sure to order from the best one and get your delivery at the proper time.