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  1. Winco PPC-1D, Double Pastry Wheel
    SKU: PPC-1D
  2. Winco PSTCO-7, 7-Blade Pastry Blender
    SKU: PSTCO-7
  3. Ateco 14423, 3.5-Inch Doughnut Cutter
    SKU: 14423
  4. Ateco 14422, 2.5-Inch Doughnut Cutter
    SKU: 14422
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Pastry Cutters & Blenders

Professional Pastry Cutters - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

We know the way to transform dough into specialty shapes just simply using our pastry cutters and blenders. Whether you run bakery, restaurant, bistro, cafeteria or other foodservice establishment, we have a special tools for preparing your delicious desserts. Those durable cutters help your chefs to portion confectionaries into a different shape just in one motion by pressing down through raw, rolled out dough.

Make sure to check out McDonald Paper pastry blenders and cutters options to find a perfect products to meet your establishment`s needs:

  • Round Fluted Pastry Cutters
  • Plain Round Pastry Cutters
  • Aspic And Jelly Cutters
  • Geometric Shape Pastry Cutters
  • Double Pastry Wheels
  • 5 Blade Pastry Blenders
  • We provide products only form trusted manufacturers such as Winco and Ateco. Be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality!

    We offer a huge range of different shapes, types and sizes of doughnut cutters. Due to the sturdy construction, these items prevent contact with hot surfaces. Pastry cutters can be used with the dough of any thickness so these items are ideal for lasagna and fudge. You will also find pastry cutters very useful for the preparation of the delicious pastries and aromatic doughnuts in a variety of different shapes. Choose geometric shapes cutter set to enhance your bakery displays and boost sales of your pastry. They can also be used to imprint fondant for colorful cake decorations. Use fluted pastry wheel to easily cut through thin dough and leave behind an elegant, scalloped edge. Due to its stainless steel blade and wooden handle this item is very durable and comfort in use. Many of these items are also dishwasher safe! Call us today and make an order.

    Check out McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies sections of Sieves, Sifters & Blenders and Thermometers, if you are seeking for items to upgrade your bakery supplies.