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Let your brand speak for YOU

Stand out from the crowd with customized printing services tailored to your exact needs. We take care of the details, so that when patrons visit your coffee shop or attend your party, your brand's logo, website name, number or message promotes your brand for you.

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FREE storage

We'll store your custom printed cups, coffee cup sleeves, napkins, food containers, shopping bags, labels anything we custom print for your business. You don't need to find extra storage space for custom print items anymore.

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FREE shipping

We'll ship your items for free if you're in the New York Metro Area (NY, NJ and PA). Call us today at 718-369-0600 (EXT: 951) to learn about our special shipping rates for orders outside of the NY Metro Area.

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Order from a wide selection of branded,
personalized items

Custom Cold Clear Cups

As Low As 5.4¢ / cup*
Minimum order: 50,000 pcs

Put your cold clear cups to work for you today. Branded clear plastic cups make a statement. Let your customers promote your brand when they order an iced coffee, smoothie or any cold drink you offer.

We have the sizes your brand needs at a price you can afford. Our cold clear cups, displaying your design or logo, are available in:

  • PET Regular plastic, 100% recyclable cup
  • PLA eco-friendly plastic cups

Branded Hot & Cold Paper Cups

As Low As 4.9¢ / cup*
Minimum order: 50,000 pcs

Add your logo or design to hot and cold paper cups. Custom printed paper cups let you serve hot coffee with your brand promoted on the cup. Serve hot or cold tea, soda or any other drinks while spreading your company's brand or message.

Order whole custom printed paper cups today, and choose from:

  • Single Wall
  • Insulated Double Wall
  • Ripple Double Wall

Coffee Cup Sleeves

As Low As 4¢ / sleeve*
Minimum order: 12,500 pcs

Add a branded printed coffee cup sleeve to advertise your coffee shop. We offer a variety of colors and size options to help your cup sleeve promote your brand and protect your customer's from burning their fingers.

Our cup sleeves or jackets offer:

  • Color imprint area
  • Easy-to-grip texture
  • Hand protection

Custom Printed Napkins

As Low As 3¢ / napkin*
Minimum order: 100,000 pcs

Self-promotion every time a person wipes their face or hands. Let us custom print your napkins today. We offer a variety of styles and sizes to keep your customers' hands and faces clean.

Add your logo, website, phone number or message to your napkins to leave a lasting impression on your customers and promote your brand at the same time.


Branded Shopping Bags

As Low As 25¢ / bag*
Minimum order: 3,750 pcs

Shopping bags are a must-have in the food industry. Restaurants and eateries that deliver food can promote their brand, website or provide customers with their number right on their personalized, custom bag. You're guaranteed to find a bag that meets your needs.

Our bags come in both light and heavy options, and offer the following material options:

  • Reusable laminated
  • Paper
  • Plastic

Customized Pizza Boxes

As Low As 50¢ / container*
Minimum order: 10,000 pcs

Take-out pizza boxes offer a blank canvas for your business. Choose a corrugated cardboard pizza box, put your logo on it, add your business' message, and transform your packaging into an advertisement.

Our boxes have various corrugation flutes and come in two colors:

  • Kraft
  • White

We offer custom printing for other types of food containers as well, both paper and plastic.


Custom Printed Labels

As Low As 9¢ / label*
Minimum order: 1,000 pcs

Labels that make a statement. We offer labels for all purposes and in all sizes. Use your labels on:

  • Food containers
  • Cups
  • Packaging

Add your design to promote your brand to customers, or add nutritional facts to food items. Leave a label on your shipped items, or add a personalized message on a label to show your customers how much you appreciate them.

*Lowest price is based on a number of factors, such as size, quantity. Customer is responsible for stock once job is complete.

Custom printing is available for all of your restaurant's needs. Wholesale pricing and bulk orders are available, and all items you purchase have the option for branded, personalized printing.

Contact us today to place your order or discuss your printing needs.

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