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Serving Utensils

Serving Utensils by McDonald Papers

Select serving tools for your restaurant, cafe, catering company or other foodservice business. In our collection you can find a wide range of high quality ladles, spoons, cake servers, salad tongs and other utensils. They come in a variety of types, materials and sizes, so you could find items that fully meet your demands for quality and performance.

We provide a huge selection of kitchen serving utensils, that best suit your establishment`s needs, as well as most cost-effective options:

  • Ladles
  • Spoons
  • Pie and Pizza Servers
  • Tongs
  • Seafood Serving Tools
  • McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies has been a trusted partner for many foodservice establishments in New York metro area and beyond for over two decades. We offer our customers only time-tested brands such as Thunder Group, Winco, EMGA and many others.

    Our collection includes a wide range of high quality serving ladles, tongs and spoons, pizza & pie servers, and much more. With the optimum quality, our products offer great durability and resistance to wear and tear. Due to their heavy-duty steel construction, they are highly resistant to stains and easy to clean and wash. Thanks to their ergonomic design, these serving utensils ensure perfect grip and balance for exceptional convenience and safety in use. They are handy and versatile with sturdy and attractive construction. Use our serving spoons to stir food while cooking or serve a portion of a cooked dish. We also provide versatile pastry servers to slice and serve freshly backed cakes, pies or pizzas. Moreover, in our assortment you can find salad tongs and other serving utensils which can be used in the kitchen or placed out on self-serve tables for your guests.

    McDonald Paper also carry an array of Serveware and Flatware that can help you to complete the set of tableware and catering for your business.