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Holding & Warming Equipment

Holding & Warming Equipment by McDonald Paper

McDonald Paper has a comprehensive inventory of restaurant holding and warming equipment, from steam tables to soup warmers, bulb warmers to heat lamps, find the proper equipment you need for your restaurant, buffet, catered event, or other business. They are designed to retain heat and save time by warming food quickly for serving standards. Whether you need to keep warm your soups and sauces, potato fries and other entrees, our commercial food warming equipment always come in handy!

With a huge assortment of holding & warming equipment at McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies, you're sure to find the perfect product to meet your needs:

  • Holding Cabinets And Carts
  • Countertop Warmers And Display Cases
  • Electric Steam Tables
  • Countertop Bulb Warmers
  • Countertop Food Warmers
  • Due to our great selection of trusted brands such as Eagle Group, Admiral Craft Equipment, Winco, Atosa, Equipex and other, you can choose food holding equipment or food warming equipment and be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

    McDonald Paper provides food holding and warming equipment in a variety of types, features, and sizes, you`ll definitely find everything you need for your establishment! Exceptionally durable, our commercial food warmers are made of stainless steel inside and out to provide trouble-free use for many years to come. Clear degree markings on the thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature to suit specific foods. Our restaurant steam tabes will help you to keep cooked foods at a proper serving temperature and offer you built-in cutting boards for instant cooking. These items can be easily customized with tray racks, under-shelf, and polycarbonate cutting boards for extra comfort in use and optimized storage space. For ideal temperature and moisture conditions for dough rising, choose our selection of holding and proofing cabinets. They will last you for years of heavy-duty use. Keep food warm and ready to serve using our food holding and warming equipment! Call us today and make an order!

    We also have a range of Rice Cookers with high-quality heat absorption systems to cook and keep rice warm and tasty. And for more essential equipment make sure to check out our Cooking Equipment and Refrigeration categories.

    We can also ship you the catalog of our company where you can check out all the products that we have. Moreover, we offer free shipping on all our orders over $100 in New York Metro area.