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  1. Adcraft ST-240/4, 4 Bay Steam Table
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  3. Adcraft EST-240, Water Bath Steam Table
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Steam Tables

Steam tables are crucial pieces of food service equipment, providing a quick and effective way to keep food heated and ready for service. Steam tables ensure that your foods are presented at optimal temperatures, preserving their taste, texture, and visual appeal whether you are in a restaurant, cafeteria, or catering event. 

Steam tables are an efficient way to keep food heated for extended periods. Steam is the primary heat source in these tables, creating a wet environment that keeps food from drying out. The soft, even heat distribution keeps dishes fresh and flavorful, making them perfect for buffets or self-service operations.

Versatile Applications

Restaurant steam tables are available in various formats to accommodate kitchen layouts and menu requirements. They can be custom-built to hold a certain number of pans, giving them the versatility to handle different types and quantities of food. Chefs may tune the heat settings to fit the precise needs of each dish with adjustable temperature controls and individual pan controls.

Restaurant equipment steam tables are multipurpose equipment that may handle a variety of food products such as soups, sauces, vegetables, and even proteins. They provide efficient organizing and presentation of diverse foods due to the availability to hold varied-sized pans and compartments. Steam tables can also keep precooked food before plating them, decreasing preparation time during peak service hours.

Simple Maintenance and Cleaning

Commercial steam tables are meant to be simple and clean. Removable pans and accessories enable a breeze to replenish, rearrange, and clean of the equipment. The stainless steel construction of steam tables ensures longevity and corrosion resistance, making regular cleaning and maintenance more accessible, which is critical for maintaining hygiene requirements in any food service company.

Space Optimization

Steam tables for restaurants are designed to save space. Countertop variants are available for venues with limited space, while more extensive freestanding options are appropriate for high-volume operations. These kitchen steam tables best use open space, facilitating efficient workflow and organization in the kitchen or serving area.


Steam tables are essential equipment for restaurants and food service establishments that want to keep their food warm, fresh, and visually appealing. Food steam tables optimize operations and improve the overall dining experience with their effective food-warming capabilities, adjustable setups, numerous uses, easy maintenance, and space efficiency. Explore the various commercial steam tables on the market and choose the one that best suits your restaurant's requirements, ensuring that your foods are served at the ideal temperature and preserving customer pleasure with every bite.