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Lettuce Knives

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Lettuce Knives

Vegetable And Produce Knives - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

If you are a chef in salad or sandwich bar, you surely need a lettuce knife in your cutlery collection. Specially designed to chop greens, herbs and fruits, this knife keeps them crisp and fresh.

McDonald Paper offers different types of produce knives to meet the needs of any food service operation, from a small concession stand to a full-scale restaurant:

  • Produce Knife With Wood Handle
  • Plastic Fruit Knife
  • Vegetable Produce Knife
  • Stainless Steel Produce Knife
  • Green Plastic Lettuce Knife
  • Our assortment of fruit and salad knives includes items from such trusted manufacturers as Winco and Dexter Russell. Browse our products today to find reliable knives by affordable prices.

    Plastic or carbon steel produce knives, are great tools for any commercial kitchen, allow to chop lettuce, carrots or cucumbers with ease. Due to the solid construction of the blades, these knives eliminate tearing during cutting and do not oxidase. Our straight edge produce knife features a flat blade tip and a 4-1/4 inch blade width with hardwood handle. This knife is perfect to quickly slice produce paper-thin, especially large vegetables. Choose plastic salad knife for slicing vegetables, fruits and pastry. This item is manufactured of durable, dishwasher safe, green plastic and will be a long-lasting addition to your restaurant, cafe or bar.

    McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies also provides a huge selection of Cutting Boards and Mixing Bowls to create delicious dishes for your customers.