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Paper Coat Check Tags - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Maintain an coordinated system of your coat room with special paper checks. Using a coat check tickets is a great way to provide your guests with organized leaving of their belongings. With these 3 part coat check tickets, your customers will be sure that their outwear and purses are left in a safe and secure space during their visit at your establishment.

McDonald Paper offers coat checks of any kind, including the following:

  • White Coat Check Tickets
  • Paper Coat Room Checks
  • 3 Part Coat Check Tags
  • Blue Paper Coat Checks
  • Pink Coat Check Tags
  • Yellow Coat Check Tickets
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    All of bulky belongings won't bother visitors during their stay in your night club, restaurant or hotel. Due to sequentially numeration from 001 to 500, coat checks are easier to track of during a busy day at dinning and lounging areas. Each coat room check includes several perforated parts for easy tearing and features bright color for quick identification. The set includes a check ticket for the customer, another one for his or her outerwear, and an extra one for other additional accessories. Hanger hole on the top make it convenient for the staff to keep the check on clear view.

    For more necessary products to equip your coat check station, check out our Call Bell or Informational Signs at McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies website.