Shot and Cordial Glasses

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  1. Libbey 1700157, 20.5 Oz Suprema Schooner, DZ
    SKU: 1700157
  2. Libbey 1709712, 1 Oz Tequila Shooter, 6 DZ
    SKU: 1709712
  3. Libbey 1722471, 21 Oz Footed Schooner, DZ
    SKU: L1722471
  4. Libbey 1785473, 18 Oz Footed Schooner, DZ
    SKU: L1785473
  5. Libbey 5128, 1 Oz Clear Shot Glass, 6 DZ
    SKU: L5128
  6. Libbey 9562269, 2 Oz Tequila Shooter, 6 DZ
    SKU: L9562269
  7. Libbey 9862324, 1.5 Oz Tequila Shooter, 6 DZ
    SKU: L9862324
  8. Libbey 6284, 0.96 Oz Imperial Shot, 6 DZ
    SKU: L6284
  9. Bohemia Crystal 440550011, 2 Oz Shot Glass
    SKU: 440550011

Shot and Cordial Glasses

Shot and Cordial Glasses by McDonald Paper

As people frequent your bar or restaurant for an evening out with friends, shots are often called for, as a form of celebration or an instant beginning to the party. McDonald Paper offers you uniquely designed and highly resistant shot glasses, so that you can cater to your customers with ease!

If you`re wondering where to buy perfect items for your foodservice business, make sure to check our shot and cordial glasses options:

  • Fluted Shot Glasses
  • Barista Shot Glasses
  • Tall Cordial Mini-Dessert Glasses
  • Heavy Base Old Fashioned Glasses
  • Red Bottom Crystal Tumblers
  • Glasses With Safeguard Rims
  • McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers competitive prices for the purchase of cordial and shot glasses by reputable vendors such as Bohemia Crystal, Libbey, Pasabahce, Winco and others.

    We provide a huge assortment of bar glasses in a variety of style, capacity and material. Be sure to find a perfect products to meet your needs! They are made from strong and sturdy glass that gives these products a unique appearance. Our glasses can last you more than 2,000 washes, as they are reusable and dishwasher friendly. They are also designed with thick, wide bottoms to prevent spilling. Choose dessert shot glasses for serving whisky or other strong drinks, and also bite-sized appetizers, finger food or chef`s compliments. Dimpled walls ensure convenient grip and hold. Our amaro liquor glasses is designed for a tiny serving of liquor or brandy. The plain and exquisite shape makes it a universal accessory for professional or residential bar collection, which would fit any table setting style. Use espresso shot glasses for serving coffee, strong drinks, desserts and appetizers. The sturdy base and perfectly polished rim ensure superior convenience for your guests, turning every sip into a pure delight. McDonald Paper presents a truly impressive glassware collection to match all your drink serving needs!

    Browse our products and combine our shot glasses with other Cocktail Glasses and Beer Mugs & Glasses for the well-stocked bar.