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Shot Glasses

A Guide for Shot Glasses

Shot glasses, ubiquitous in restaurants, bars, and even as promotional goods, have several purposes. They serve as a means of accurate beverage serving, a representation of culture, and a platform for branding. Where can I get plain shot glasses? Let's speak about shot glasses. 

The Essential Shot Glasses

When serving powerful spirits or liqueurs, a shot glass is the perfect size. The usual range for standard capacity is between one and one and a half ounces (30 and 44 milliliters). Bars and restaurants rely on these glasses to keep the quality and potency of their drinks constant.

Different Shot Glass Styles

  • Classic Shot Glasses:  Straight-walled or slightly tapered. Perfect for simple spirit servings.
  • Fluted Shot Glasses: Featuring a decorative rim, these add a touch of elegance.
  • Novelty Shot Glasses: For presents or themed businesses, novelty shot glasses come in many sizes and themes.
  • Tall Shooter Glasses: For layered or blended shots, tall shooter glasses are ideal.

Wholesale Shot Glasses at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Knowing where to buy plain shot glasses is crucial for bartender business. McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies is a top shot glasses store. Top brands sell shot glasses and shooter glass sets in our inventory at affordable prices.

Wide Selection of Bar Glassware

McDonald Paper prides itself on offering a wide range of bulk shot glasses in different shapes, capacities, and materials. Our range guarantees the right product for your requirements.

Design and Durability

Each of our glasses is distinctive and striking due to its robust glass construction. This sturdy structure adds style and durability. Our shot glasses in bulk are durable, lasting over 2,000 uses. Their reusability and dishwasher safety make them ideal for busy businesses.

Increased Stability and Flexibility

In a busy bar or restaurant, the glasses' thick and broad base prevents spillage. Our glasses fit varied requirements.

Glassware Galore

McDonald Paper's excellent shot glasses wholesale shows our dedication to quality and client satisfaction. All of your beverage serving requirements are met with the best glassware on the market.


Thus, McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies is your source for high-quality, durable, and adaptable shot glasses and bar glassware. Our wide selection from top manufacturers and cheap shot glasses prices allow you to stock your institution with the greatest items, improving your visitors' experience with every drink. Also, you can choose where to buy shot glasses. You can buy shot glasses online and offline at a showroom in Brooklyn.