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  1. Libbey 13112221, 50.75 Oz Venezia Pitcher, 6/CS
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  3. Libbey 5260, 60 Oz Glass Pitcher, 6/CS
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  4. Libbey 92317R, 56 Oz Aruba Red Pitcher, 6/CS
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  5. Kayali VK-CRF34, 34 Oz (1L) Clear Glass Carafe, 12/CS
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Pitchers and Pitcher Sets

Pitchers for Cocktails and Other Drinks

Many cocktail pitchers were available throughout the 20th century. Some had convenient handles for pouring, while others were more modern and streamlined. On some pitchers for drinks, you may see one or more squinted spouts. Any business demands may be met with a cocktail pitcher. Our cocktail pitcher sets ensure your favorite drink or martini is poured into the proper glass.

Useful Pitchers — More than Containers

Drink pitchers, fundamentally, are vessels designed for holding and serving liquids. Their utility spans across various contexts — from casual dining establishments to high-end restaurants and hotel banquet services. The practical benefits of using a drinking pitcher include:

  1. Volume and Efficiency: Pitchers hold 0.5 to 2 liters, enabling numerous customers to drink while decreasing refills.
  2. Versatility: Holds water, iced tea, cocktails, and sangrias.
  3. Safety: Pitchers reduce server-drink touch, ensuring cleanliness. Many designs now feature lids or covers to protect the contents.

Choosing the Right Pitcher for Drinks: Material Matters

When selecting kitchen pitchers, material is a key consideration:

  • Glass Pitchers: Elegant and timeless, the glass liquid pitcher is the way to go for displaying colorful cocktails. You may use them with cool drinks, but not with really hot liquids.
  • Plastic Pitchers: Outdoor and high-traffic areas benefit from the durability and portability of plastic pitchers. However, they may lack metal or glass luster.
  • Stainless Steel Pitchers: Update your tables with durable stainless steel pitchers for hot and cold drinks.

Where to Buy Pitchers?

Choosing the correct source for essential things like pitcher sets and beverage pitchers is a crucial part of the restaurant and hotel industry. Fast food joints may rely on McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies, an organization that provides a variety of goods for these establishments.

At McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies, you may get pitchers and pitcher sets for sale at both retail and wholesale pricing, in convenient quantities. This makes us quite versatile and suitable for both small stores and large restaurant chains.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies provides the convenience of online and in-store purchasing for pitchers and pitcher sets. They provide a large assortment of high-quality items at cheap costs, making them a good alternative for restaurants and cafes wishing to enhance drink service and presentation.