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  1. Maxx Cold MXBD24-1B One Keg Beer Tower / Dispenser
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  2. Maxx Cold MXBD48-1BHC Two Keg Beer Tower / Dispenser
    SKU: MXBD48-1BHC
  3. Perlick 4404, Draft Beer System Power Pack
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  4. Perlick RDP18X24, Drip Tray Trough, Beverage
    SKU: RDP18X24

Beer Dispensers

Beer Dispensers for Your Bar at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies 

A beer dispenser is a specialized machine designed for dispensing beer from kegs in a commercial setting such as bars, restaurants, or breweries. Such draft beer dispensers are designed to maintain the quality and freshness of the beer while providing an efficient and reliable dispensing system. There are different types of such equipment. Finding a reliable supplier near you who can discuss the intricacies of such a system is the first step. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies operates online and has a physical store. We have vast experience (28 years on the market), a large selection of new products, and an acceptable price.

Beer Dispenser: Its Popular Types

There are several types of industrial beer dispensers available on the market, including:

  • Commercial beer kegerators are self-contained units that include a refrigeration unit and a beer tap. These units act like a holder of beer kegs and keep them at the ideal temperature while providing a dispensing system for customers.
  • Direct Draw Beer Dispenser uses a refrigerated cabinet to keep beer kegs at the correct temperature. The beer is then dispensed through a tap attached directly to the cabinet.
  • Remote Beer Dispensing System is designed for larger establishments with combo taps. These systems use a remote refrigeration unit connected to the dispensing system through a series of lines and hoses.
  • Countertop Beer Dispenser is a compact unit placed on a countertop or bar. These dispensers are ideal for smaller establishments that need more space for a larger barrel.

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The beer tap fridge commercial is also designed to be durable and easy to clean. Features such as stainless steel construction and drip trays to prevent spills and leaks can also be customized with branding and logos to promote the establishment's brand. Thus, for any bar or restaurant, it is important to choose a model that will meet the characteristics described above. Consider our assortment if you want to buy a cooler for a beer keg or a similar item for your business. For example:

  • 5 Kegs Club Top Beer Dispensers
  • Beer Dispenser With Double Tap Towers;
  • Kegerator Fridge With 3 Doors;
  • Beer Dispensers With 3 Taps;
  • Keg Coolers With Adjustable Temp Control.

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