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  1. Winco ARP-18, 18-Inch Aluminum Rolling Pin
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  2. Winco ARP-13, 13-Inch Aluminum Rolling Pin
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  3. Ateco 696, Rolling Pin Cover
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  4. Ateco 19176, 19-Inch Wooden Rolling Pin
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Rolling Pins

In the world of baking, the rolling pin is a timeless utensil that has been passed down through centuries. Whether you're a seasoned baker, a passionate home cook, or a baking novice, the perfect rolling pin may make or break your culinary masterpieces. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies carries a wide variety of rolling pins, including wooden rolling pins and baking rolling pins, to meet all of your baking needs.

The Usage of Rolling Pins

Rolling pins are the unsung culinary heroes, converting ordinary dough into savoury masterpieces. They come in a variety of shapes and materials, each with its own function. These instruments are essential in baking and cooking, from dough rolling pins to baking.

We have a large assortment of rolling pins for dough and baking at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies so that you can discover the appropriate instrument for your culinary aspirations. Our selection includes both classic and rustic wooden rolling pins, as well as modern baked rolling pins built for comfort and precision.

Rolling Pins for Baking

Rolling pins are necessary for creating uniform pastry, pie crusts, and other baked items. The proper rolling pin can assist you in achieving the desired thickness and consistency for your products. Having the correct baking rolling pin is a game changer, whether you prefer the classic elegance of wood rolling pins or the convenience of modern materials.

Rolling Pins Made of Wood

Wooden rolling pins are works of culinary art as well as utility. Their traditional style, paired with the natural feel of wood, provides a touch of tradition to your kitchen. A rolling pin for dough made of wood is perfect for producing pizza, pie crusts, and cookies. They are long-lasting and precise, guaranteeing that your dough is perfectly rolled out.

Rolling Pin for Baking

Modern baking rolling pins are engineered for precision and creativity. They frequently have features such as non-stick surfaces and ergonomic handles, which make baking more convenient and fun. These rolling pins are ideal for both home cooks and professionals looking to simplify their baking process.


If you enjoy baking and creating delectable pastries, rolling pins are vital tools. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies carries a wide variety of rolling pins, including hardwood rolling pins and baking rolling pins, to meet the demands of professional bakers and home lovers. Explore our collection today to learn how the correct rolling pin may improve your baking skills and make your culinary fantasies a reality. Your next tasty invention is only a roll away!