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  1. Ateco 19176, 19-Inch Wooden Rolling Pin
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  2. Ateco 19175, 19.5-Inch Plastic Rolling Pin
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  3. Ateco 696, Rolling Pin Cover
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  4. Winco ARP-18, 18-Inch Aluminum Rolling Pin
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  5. Winco ARP-13, 13-Inch Aluminum Rolling Pin
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Rolling Pins & Sleeves

Pastry Rolling Pins - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Rolling pins are mandatory tools is any café, bakery or pizzeria. Professional bakers rely on the rolling pins and sleeves in our line of products to ensure their creations will come out perfectly every time. Whether you need to roll out dough for pizza or make thin, shapeable sheets for pie, quiche or sugar cookies these professional pins and sleeves will help you out.

For every type and size of foodservice operation McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers different kinds of rolling pins:

  • Aluminum Rolling Pins
  • Maple Rolling Pins
  • Plastic Rolling Pins
  • Wood French Rolling Pins
  • Tapered Rolling Pins
  • McDonald Paper provides professional rolling pins only from time-tested manufacturers such as Winco and Ateco, so be sure that the is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality!

    From our grand selection of products you can find the variants of rolling pins with and without handles. The style of rolling pin with the handle allows more pressure to be applied when rolling out dough to make it thin and easy to shape. A pastry rolling pin without handles is usually not heavy and does not have cracks. Choose tapered wood french rolling pin for rolling out thin dough with ease. With this item you will spend less time on getting the dough flattened and shaped correctly. Use aluminum rolling pin with handles for making thin dough for pizzas, breads and cakes. It is fabricated from high-grade aluminum. This material gives the rolling pin some benefits – a cool surface and a heavier weight. These rolling pins have a reliable, sturdy construction for an exceptional comfort in use.

    If you are seeking for items to update your bakery supplies, check out our Sheet Pans and Pie/Cake Cutters & Markers sections. Call us today and make an order!