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Refrigerated Deli Cases

Refrigerated Deli Display Cases by McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Whether you run a grocery store, bakery, sandwich shop or other food service establishment, our commercial refrigerated deli cases will keep foods at safe serving temperature. Such refrigerated showcases can also be used at convenience stores to merchandise pre-made salads, sandwiches, deli meat and bottled drinks. With a front crystal clear glass or an open design these deli display cases enable easy product identification.

If you're wondering where to buy perfect items for your food service business, make sure to check our refrigerated deli display cases options:

  • Low Profile Horizontal Air Curtain Display Cases
  • Benchtop Refrigerated Display Cases
  • Gravity Coil Self-Contained Refrigerated Display Cases
  • Refrigerated Deli Display Cases With Solid Side Panels
  • Refrigerated Deli Display Cases With Front Panels
  • Refrigerated Remote Deli Display Cases

Due to our great selection of trusted brands such as Turbo Air, Marchia Display CompanyLeaderUniversal CoolersOmcan and others, you can choose commercial deli case refrigerators and be sure that they are a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

Great Variety of Refrigerated Deli Cases for Sale

McDonald Paper lets you choose from a large number of refrigerated deli cases, we feature both forced air and gravity coil units in a various shapes and sizes, short deli refrigerated cases and wide countertops.

Heavy duty evaporators and condensers, modern air circulation systems, defrost timers and additional storage compartments is what makes our refrigerated display cases stand out. Find a curved glass, straight glass, or open front units for your retail food store that fits your aesthetic preferences best!

Choose curved glass refrigerated deli case with remote system for storing soft drinks, sandwiches and salads at safe serving temps. With formica sides, white aluminum interior, stainless steel shelves and galvanized outside back, this merchandiser proves to be easy to clean and exceptionally durable to withstand tough commercial grade use. Designed for use with a remote controlled system, it comes without a compressor.

If you need item for fresh red and white meat, as well as for sausages, cheese and vegetables, use refrigerated deli display case with self-contained compressor and gravity coil refrigeration. It is self-contained and uses a bottom mounted 1/2 HP compressor, aimed to give great efficiency at minimum energy consumption. The display features an oversized gravity coil, which provides increased natural air-circulation and retains proper moisture level to keep the food fresh as long as possible in 'harsh' circumstances where the door is opened frequently. At McDonald Paper you are sure to find a perfect item to meet your needs!

For slightly different purposes, you may also be interested in our Refrigerated Bakery Cases or Refrigerated Sushi Cases sections, please feel free to check them out!

McDonald Paper has been a reliable supplier of refrigerated deli cases for 20 years, fulfilling thousands of orders in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and beyond in an always efficient and timely manner.

Looking where to find the most affordable refrigerated deli display cases in NYC? Visit our showroom in Brooklyn with more than 20,000 stock items where you can personally assess the quality and variety of deli refrigerated cases.