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  1. Winco XLB1000P5, Blade Assembly for XLB-1000
    SKU: XLB1000P5
  2. Winco XLB1000P1, Rod Set for XLB-1000
    SKU: XLB1000P1
  3. Winco XLB1000P4, Refilling Cap for XLB-1000
    SKU: XLB1000P4
  4. Winco XLB44-P7, Clutch for XLB-44
    SKU: XLB44-P7
  5. Winco XLB44-P6, Collar for XLB-44
    SKU: XLB44-P6
  6. Winco XLB44-P2, Container Lid for XLB-44
    SKU: XLB44-P2
  7. Winco XLB44-P5, Blade Assembly for XLB-44
    SKU: XLB44-P5
  8. Winco XLB44-P1, Filler Cap for XLB-44
    SKU: XLB44-P1
  9. Winco XLB1000P2, Pitcher Assembly for XLB-1000
    SKU: XLB1000P2
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26 Items

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Commercial Food Blenders - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

At McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies, you will find a variety of blenders that will help you to save time and efforts for blending cocktails, pureeing soups, sauces and doing similar tasks. We provide restaurant blenders for both food and drinks. Whether you run a restaurant, bar, cafe, catered event or other foodservice business, our countertop blenders always come in handy!

With a huge assortment of commercial blenders at McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies, you're sure to find the perfect product to meet your needs:

  • Food Blenders With Variable Speed
  • Margarita Madness Blenders
  • Bar Blenders With Toggles
  • 2 Speed Drink Blenders
  • Cordless Rechargeable Immersion Blenders
  • On-counter Blenders
  • In-counter Blenders
  • Due to our great selection of trusted brands such as Vitamix, Hamilton Beach, Waring, Winco and other, you can choose professional blenders and be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

    McDonald Paper offers food blenders in a variety of type, material and size! Depending on your preferences choose items with plastic, glass or stainless steel jar material. Our drink blenders feature programs that are followed by an automatic shutoff mechanism. Their motors are designed to resist overheating when blending extra-thick ingredients resulting in cooler operation and enhanced reliability during peak hours of operation. Portable immersion mixers provide unparalleled flexibility in use, as they allow to mash soup or sauce directly in a pot where it is being cooked. To offer the best match for your particular needs, we stock a selection of portable immersion blenders with different shaft length and performance rate. Making cocktails with our professional stand blenders can turn into a pure entertainment. With no compromise on durability, you can choose between appliance with metal or clear plastic bowl for additional comfort in use and maintenance. To reduce the noise when the blender is in use, choose sound enclosure for high-power blenders.

    We also stock other food preparation equipment and invite you to surf through Mixers and Scales sections.