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Paper Containers & Lids

Paper Containers & Lids: Take Care of the Environment 

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies sells disposable tableware and containers in a variety of materials. Of course, a huge assortment gives the customer more choices. But our goal is also to provide the necessary information about a potential choice. So, let's discuss what paper containers are, their main characteristics, and what we can offer you.

Paper Food Containers: What Do We Sell?

Now the topic of ecology is very relevant. And many entrepreneurs are trying to rebuild their businesses to new standards. We can help your restaurant with this by offering paper to-go containers. Kraft material is a great alternative to plastic. Paperboard has high strength and elasticity. It is naturally brown in color, enhancing your brand image and letting customers know that you care about the environment. We also have white paper takeout containers in our assortment. In addition, research conducted by a well-known global packaging supplier found that most consumers prefer natural-looking packaging over plastic packaging.

What Food Can You Storage in Paper Containers with Lids?

Paper containers are used for:

  • first courses;

  • second courses; 

  • salads. 

Containers for soups and salads are made of thick cardboard with high strength. It is non-toxic and non-hazardous material. As a result, the tureen does not smell of extraneous odors. Another useful property of this material is that it does not allow odors to pass through itself and does not pull on itself the odors of other products stored nearby. That is, you can put absolutely any food in them.

If you are a catering establishment or a food delivery service, seize the opportunity to stand out from the competition by offering your customers a craft container with a lid. You can buy paper containers and other disposable tableware in our showroom in Brooklyn or order NY, NJ, and PA shipping.