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  1. Libbey 5154, 4-inch Nob Hill Ashtray, 3 DZ
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Provide a stylish and convenient way for your smoking guests to properly dispose of cigarette waste with the right ashtray. 

An ashtray is an indispensable accessory of the smoking process. As a rule, ashtrays are made from non-combustible materials. To decorate your table with stylish and modern products, use McDonald Paper`s  ashtrays. They come in traditional ashtrays as well as super safe smokeless versions, perfect for outdoor tables where there are concerns about the wind.

Assortment of Ashtrays 

With the huge selection of  ashtrays and restaurant ashtrays at McDonald Paper distributor, you're sure to find the perfect product to meet your needs.

The most common products to be found are:

  • Glass.
  • Plastic.
  • Metal.
  • Ceramics.

For convenience, most ashtrays are equipped with notches for cigarettes. Usually, there are four, but there can also be three.

Features of Construction

The traditional ashtray is a small wide vessel with low walls, which is installed on the table. However, this is not the only design. 

Let's consider what kinds there are:

  • Tabletop. 

This design can be called traditional, it is used both in the home and in establishments such as cafes, restaurants, etc. Today you can find them in institutions less and less often since there is a law banning smoking in public places.

  • Container-ashtray. 

Such designs are installed in large stores and even on the street. They are very easy to clean and prevent the trash from catching fire from an unextinguished cigarette.

In trains and cars, there are built-in ashtrays.

There are also pocket-sized versions that are compact and attractively designed.

  • There are both cigarette and cigar models. 

Also, there are special designs for smoking pipes, which do not have traditional side indentations, that are present in cigarette analogs. Cigar ashtrays have wider indentations.

Conveniently located ashtrays can improve both the cleanliness and fire safety of any space. Therefore, such attributes are essential.

You can buy a quality device on the online platform McDonald Paper. Here you will find ashtrays in bulk of various designs, made of different materials. In the near catalog of the portal, there are products of many manufacturers who have become famous due to the high quality of their products. A huge selection of ashtrays wholesale allows you to choose the right option for yourself or as a gift.

In addition, check out the large assortment of chafers and fuel, as well as specialized serving utensils to further improve your outdoor space.