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  1. 832146, 50x108-Inch Holly Sprig Linen Like Tablecover, 24/CS
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  2. 289895, 82x82-Inch 3-Ply Black Tablecover, 25/CS
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  3. 832028, 11x200-Inch Autum Collage Linen-like Tablerunner
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  4. 21109, 54x108-Inch White Plastic Table Cover, 48/CS
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  5. Thunder Group CLRC001, Rice Cloth
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Table Cloths & Clips

Cloths & Clips

Textiles are what complete an interior and help to update and refresh it in a matter of minutes. When it comes to the kitchen,coverings for the kitchen table helps to give it a cozy and homely look. Even if it is a cafe or restaurant.

Protect your tables from damage and add a touch of style with tablecloths and clips from McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies. All of the bulk items you need are made from the most durable materials to ensure your tables look great. 

The Necessity of Tablecloths and Clips on the Kitchen Table

Well first, is it so necessary to have table top covers in the kitchen? 

First of all, it's beautiful. 

In addition, here are the following professional reasons:

  • This tablecloth transforms your kitchen at once, making the room more homely and comfortable.
  • The tablecloth protects the table surface from damage.
  • Table covers  help to protect the surface from the small scratches.
  • A tablecloth is simply convenient. Dishes don't slide around the table as much.
  • The tablecloth absorbs the noise from the clatter of appliances and plates against the tabletop.

Of course, all of this works if the tablecloth is chosen correctly. And to do that, you need to choose the right covers and tablecloth clips according to your decor and needs.

No matter what your preferences are in McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies you will find everything you need with high quality!

A Tablecloth and Clips Selection 

If you're wondering where to buy the perfect restaurant linens for your catering business, be sure to check out our tablecloth options.

Decide what purpose you need a tablecloth for. They can be casual, holiday, and guests - for a small group of loved ones stopping by for a cup of tea. The purpose of the tablecloth determines the choice of the wholesale tablecloths.

For example:

  • Tablecloth for the festive table.
  • Tablecloth for the round table.
  • A tablecloth for a rectangular table.
  • Tablecloth for an oval table.
  • A tablecloth for a sliding table.
  • Casual tablecloth with clips.
  • A linen tablecloth with clips.
  • Silk tablecloth with clips.

The first parameter to consider while choosing a tablecloth is size. To do this, measure the kitchen table. Write down the length and width. If round, the diameter.  

Next, decide on the destination and finally choose the material for the covers for tables.

To make your tabletop even more attractive, check out our other commercial table sections. 

Contact McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies and place your order online in just a few minutes!