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Streamline Your Kitchen with McDonald Paper's Kitchen Order Racks

Having restaurant order racks on hand is crucial for any business. These holders are a simple but efficient way to keep track of orders and make sure they get to the correct tables. Kitchen workers may simply prioritize the creation of each dish, and wait staff can immediately find the orders they need to complete, thanks to restaurant ticket holders. Using commercial order racks also helps restaurants decrease order delivery mistakes, which in turn increases customer happiness. Consequently, any business that wants to improve its operations and reputation would be wise to invest in high-quality chef order rack.

Order Racks for Restaurants

Shop for check holders and bars at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies. The kitchen needs metal order bars and wheels for checking orders. On top of that, locate tabletop check presenters and spindle check holders.

At McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies, we understand the unique needs of our clients when it comes to organizing and streamlining kitchen operations. That's why we offer an extensive selection of slide order racks, designed to enhance efficiency and keep orders in clear view for your kitchen staff. Our inventory includes:

  • The compact 18-Inch Order Rack, perfect for smaller kitchens or limited spaces.
  • The versatile 24-Inch Order Rack, ideal for medium-sized operations.
  • The spacious 36-Inch Order Rack, suitable for busier environments where space allows.
  • The expansive 48-Inch Order Rack, designed for high-volume kitchens needing maximum order display.

Each size is tailored to fit different operational scales and spaces, ensuring that regardless of the size of your kitchen, McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies has the perfect slide order rack to meet your needs.

Kitchen order racks are essential tools for any bustling kitchen, offering numerous benefits:

  1. Organization: They keep order tickets in clear view, ensuring that kitchen staff can easily see and prioritize tasks.
  2. Efficiency: By streamlining the workflow, they help reduce cooking and serving times, leading to faster customer service.
  3. Space-saving: These racks make the most of vertical space, keeping countertops clear and reducing clutter.
  4. Versatility: Available in various sizes, they can be adapted to any kitchen layout or volume of orders.

Within a few days of placing your purchase, you will have hanging order wheels and various types of check holders at your doorstep. We offer our order racks in bulk, allowing you to equip your entire kitchen or chain of restaurants with ease. Place your order online for quick and convenient shopping or visit our offline showroom in Brooklyn to see our products firsthand and make your selection with the help of our expert staff. Additionally, we provide free shipping on all orders over $100 within the New York Metro area, ensuring you get your order racks wholesale delivered directly to your business without any extra costs. Get in touch with McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies if you need help navigating our selection of check holders or would rather purchase restaurant supplies over the phone.