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Plastic Bags: Different Types at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is a company that many business owners consider a reliable importer across the United States. For 28 years, we have been selling disposable tableware. Our range includes many products made from clear and safe materials. In addition, carrying food can be made as easy as possible with plastic shopping bags. Find out about their benefits and us as a potential distributor for your grocery or restaurant.

Why Should You Choose Plastic Grocery Bags?

Your products are safe with secure packaging. But to help you make a final purchase, check out the benefits:

  • A plastic bag is cheaper than a paper bag. Therefore, buying bulk plastic shopping bags will benefit your small business and profit.
  • Plastic bags can be opened, packed, and folded faster, saving seconds. This is why busy cashiers widely use them to keep queues moving efficiently. Plus, plastic bags take up less space than paper bags.
  • Most polyethylene is biodegradable, meaning it can be thrown in the trash and decomposed reasonably.
  • Polybag is known for its durability. They are not easily torn and are resistant to many chemicals. In addition, polythene bags are superior to paper bags when protecting the contents from rain or water.

What Can You Package in Plastics?

You can store many things in plastic bags. For example, restaurants can use them to pack disposable. There are also special packages for freezing. You can freeze vegetables, fruits, and even ice in special bags. Freezing them will not affect the taste or smell of the contents in any way. There are both transparent and other color packages.

In order to get supplies from our warehouse, you need to place an order online on the official website, call us, or visit our showroom in Brooklyn, where you can personally see our range. We are always there for you and ready to provide maximum assistance.