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  1. Rotoquip RC-80M, Electric Knife
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  2. Uniworld UCHO-SP6, Ice Chopper
  3. Omcan 250R, Food Slicer, CSA
    SKU: 250R
  4. Omcan GR-CN-0559, Electric Cheese Grater
    SKU: GR-CN-0559
  5. Eurodib HM-12N Commercial Meat Grinder HM Series, EA
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  6. Globe 3600N, 13 inch Heavy Duty Manual Manual Food Slicer, NSF
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26 Items

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Grinders, Slicers & Graters

Commercial Grinders, Slicers And Graters - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Grinders, slicers and graters are essential pieces of equipment at any busy commercial kitchen. McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers a vast range of appliances to cater to your demands. Whether you need to slicing fruits and vegetables, sausages and cheeses, grind spices or mincing meat, our food grinders, slicers and graters always come in handy!

If you`re wondering which item is the best choice for your foodservice business, make sure to check our food prep equipment options:

  • Manual Vertical Sausage Stuffers
  • Manual Gravity Slicers
  • Electric Cheese Graters
  • Electric Spice Grinders
  • Deli Meat Manual Food Slicers
  • McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers competitive prices for the purchase of commercial food grinders, slicers and graters by reputable vendors such as Globe, Omcan, Rotoquip, Uniworld, Waring and other.

    We provide food prep equipment in a variety of type, style, material and size, be sure to find the perfect unit to meet your establishment`s needs! Our food slicer selection is provided by the most renowned brands in the industry, so that you could choose a powerful and easy care unit with no compromise on safety. Cheese graters and meat choppers boast unmatched durability to withstand frequent use with no risk of clogging, overload or interrupted operation. Manual sausage stuffers are a great budget solution for occasional tasks. To cut both meat and poultry choose electric knives. Complete with a spare blade and a blade sharpener these units will ensure efficient and continuous use at you busy kitchen! All in all, we are ready to come up with the most appropriate option for your food preparation needs and style. Call us today and make an order!

    You are also welcome to look at our Mixers and Food Processors that will help you to maximize your efficiency even more.