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  1. Adcraft HD-26, 26-Inch Heated Display
    SKU: HD-26
  2. Adcraft HD-48, 48-Inch Heated Display
    SKU: HD-48
  3. Omcan FW-2-2, Food Warmer, Display Case, CE
    SKU: FW-2-2
  4. Adcraft HD-36, 36-Inch Heated Display
    SKU: HD-36
  5. Omcan FW-2-3, Food Warmer, Display Case, CE
    SKU: FW-2-3
  6. Omcan FW-2-1, Food Warmer, Display Case, CE
    SKU: FW-2-1
  7. Omcan DH580, Food Warmer, Display Case, CE
    SKU: DH580

Heated Display Cases

Heated Bakery Display Cases - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

If you need to increase sales at your restaurant, bakery, pizzeria, cafe or other foodservice establishment, our heated display merchandisers provide excellent view of your delicious creations. Keep your hot dogs, sandwiches, pretzels, pizzas and other foods at optimal serving temperature for hours. Whether you`re looking for space-saving options, we have countertop heated display cases which will perfectly fit for your small kitchen.

If you`re wondering which item is the best choice for your business, make sure to check our heated display case options:

  • Pizza Display Merchandisers
  • Heated Display Cases
  • 3 Shelves Heated Display Cases
  • Pretzel Rack For Display Cases
  • Pretzel Sign For Display Cases
  • Due to our careful selection of time-tested brands such as Winco, you can choose heated food display cases and be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

    McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies provides heated pastry display cases in a variety of type, style and size, be sure to find the perfect items to meet your establishment`s needs! Our heated food display warmer cabinet cases have adjustable thermostats with the range from 85℉ to 195℉ (30℃ to 90℃) to keep optimal serving temperature of your dishes. Removable water pans keep humidity at the necessary level to prevent foods from drying. Our hot food display warmers can fit into quite tight spaces which make them an ideal solution for cramped or narrow countertops. Glass panels provide clear and appealing view of your foods from all sides and angles, which produces excellent merchandising effect, generates customers' appetite and enhances impulse buying. Front and rear doors ensure easy access inside for effortless service and maintenance. Completed with a pretzel rack (sold separately), these merchandisers can be also used for storage and display of other baked products. Call us today and make an order!

    In addition, check out our Refrigerated Deli Cases and Electric Griddles sections to add more essential items for your establishment.