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Sugar Pourers & Packet Holders

Enhance Your Dining Experience with Sugar Pourers & Packet Holders

The outside of a restaurant, café, or coffee shop is consumers' initial impression. If you want to organize your tables, you've found it. Sugar packets, stirrer straws, and other tiny items may be neatly stored at each table with our assortment of commercial sugar pourers. To make it even easier for your customers to personalize their hot tea or coffee, we now have restaurant packet holders.

Wide Range of Quality Dining Essentials Only at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

We have a wide variety of sizes and colors of restaurant sugar pourers, so you may choose the one that goes with the vibe of your place. Sugar packet holders come in various sizes and capacity to fit different tables. These products are made of durable metal and stainless steel, which can survive extensive usage in even the busiest restaurants.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies proudly offers a wide range of business sugar packet holders wholesale to meet our customers' different demands. You can easily buy sugar pourers that improve the efficiency and attractiveness of every dining environment to meet the food service industry's diverse needs:

  • Sugar pourers with perforated tops: Perfect for coffee stations, dining tables, and bakery counters, these pourers manage sugar dispensation.
  • Sugar pourers with flap tops: Offering a convenient and hygienic way to serve sugar, our flap top pourers are designed for easy use and minimal spillage.
  • Sugar bowls with roll tops: For a more traditional or elegant setting, our roll-top sugar bowls add a touch of class while keeping sugar protected and accessible.
  • Wire sugar packet holders: Durable and stylish, these holders provide an organized way to offer a variety of sugar packets to your customers.
  • Plastic sugar packet holders: Our lightweight, practical plastic sugar packet holders are an affordable way to keep sugar packets attractively accessible for visitors.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies provides high-quality restaurant packet holders that fulfill consumer needs. Our collection of sugar pourers and packet holders is one way we help food service companies succeed.

Guests will appreciate having sugar, honey, and other condiment packets neatly displayed in a sugar packet holder, which also helps to keep the tables orderly. Your staff can easily clean our caddies after each usage since almost all of them are dishwasher safe. Sugar packet holders in bulk with covers are also available; they provide a hygienic way to store loose sugar. Thunder Group, Winco, Yanco and C.A.C. all have fantastic products that you should see.