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  1. Ateco 4912, 8-Cavity Mold Rack
    SKU: 4912
  2. Ateco 4906, Oval Shaped Form
    SKU: 4906
  3. Ateco 4908, Diamond Form
    SKU: 4908
  4. Ateco 4900, Heart Shaped Form
    SKU: 4900
  5. Ateco 4937, Large Pyramid Mold
    SKU: 4937
  6. Ateco 4903, Round Form
    SKU: 4903
  7. Winco SPM-23R, Pastry Mold, Round, 2 x 3"
    SKU: SPM-23R
  8. Winco SPM-22S, Pastry Mold, Square, 2 x 2"
    SKU: SPM-22S
  9. Ateco 4904, Square Form
    SKU: 4904
  10. Ateco 4905, Square Form
    SKU: 4905
  11. Ateco 4909, Round Form
    SKU: 4909
  12. Ateco 4902, Oval Shaped Form
    SKU: 4902
  13. Ateco 4901, Round Form
    SKU: 4901

Cake Molds

Ready for a tasty baking adventure? You'll need the right tools to make your tasty treats. These tools include cake molds, often known as cake pans, baking molds, or pastry molds. Making delicious and attractive desserts requires diverse cooking equipment. McDonald Paper understands the importance of cake molds and can guide you through the many options.

Mold Cake Pans

Cake molds come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, making them an indispensable tool in every baker's armoury. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice baker, there's a cake mold to suit your needs. The choices are unlimited, from conventional round cake molds to complicated, specialised designs. A cake mold not only decides the final shape of your cake, but it can also help to speed up the baking process.

Commercial Cake Pans for Professionals

The importance of having the correct tools cannot be stressed by individuals in the commercial baking industry. McDonald Paper provides a selection of commercial baking pans built to resist the rigours of high-demand kitchen situations. Industrial baking pans and baking molds are made of heavy-duty materials to withstand repeated usage, making them an excellent choice for bakeries, restaurants, and catering businesses.

Innovative Pastry Molds for Unique Desserts

Creating a dessert masterpiece frequently necessitates the use of unusual forms and elaborate decorations. McDonald Paper carries a large range of pastry molds, dessert molds, and cake forms, all designed to help you make your creative thoughts a reality. Whether you want to make delicate individual sweets or complex pastry creations, our baking molds provide the precision and intricacy you need.

Baking Moulds Offer Endless Possibilities

Baking molds aren't just for shaping cakes; they' butor letting your imagination run wild. The cake mold serves as your canvas, and the batter serves as your paint. You can make everything from multi-tiered wedding cakes to bite-sized desserts and everything in between with the correct pan for baking or baking mold. The options are as diverse as the molds themselves, ranging from classic elegance to avant-garde forms.


Cake molds, often known as mold cake pans, are more than just baking utensils. They are the artist's brush and canvas, allowing you to realise your confectionary fantasies. McDonald Paper knows the significance of choosing the appropriate cake baking pan, and we provide a wide range of alternatives to accommodate all bakers, from home hobbyists to professional chefs. You can create culinary marvels that taste as wonderful as they look with our broad assortment of industrial cake pans, pastry molds, and dessert molds. So, venture into the realm of cake molds and let your imagination run wild, one scrumptious masterpiece at a time. Choose McDonald Paper, and you'll have the ideal mold to bring your sweet ideas to life.