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Vacuum & Zip Lock Bags

Vacuum And Zip Lock Food Packaging - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Zip-lock and vacuum bags are an inexpensive way to store and protect food. Whether you want to refrigerate leftovers or simply pack a steak, nothing could be easier to use than a vacuum and ziplock bags. They can be closed with one simple motion and seal securely to keep your food clean and fresh. A perfect choice for any food retail operation, these vacuum food storage bags will ensure efficient merchandising and extend shelf life for a variety of items.

We are an all-inclusive restaurant supply provider offering disposable food bags of any kind, including the following:

  • Poly-Nylon Vacuum Bags
  • Polyethylene Bags With Zip Lock
  • Vacuum Packaging Machine Bags
  • Plastic Reclosable Bags
  • Clear Vacuum Food Bags
  • McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies represents only trusted manufacturers, so you shouldn't worry about selecting vacuum sealer packaging, SafePro vacuum and zip lock bags are the best choice for your business.

    We offer zip and vacuum bags in all shapes and sizes so that you will find the perfect ones to suit your needs. Our clear vacuum storage bags feature multi-layer construction and a one-way valve. They are designed for use with our vacuum sealers and are safe for use in microwaves as well. Vacuum sealing keeps ingredients from drying out and allows you to marinate meat and fish in less time. Zip locking deli bags are ideal for sandwiches, bagels, crackers, cookies and much more. Manufactured from high quality material, they ensure the needed sanitary protection for food products during storage or transport. Their moisture-proof construction and zip lock prevent any leakage to provide extra convenience for your customers.

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