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Squeeze Bottles

If you own a diner, cafeteria, or fast food establishment, squeeze bottles  are an essential accessory of every table. You can pour a variety of sauces, toppings, flavored oils, and vinegar into these bottles to complement delicious dishes. These items are also great for self-service condiment squeeze bottles that can be easily labeled with a simple marker.

A Variety of Sauce Containers 

With the huge assortment of sauce bottles at McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies, you're sure to find the perfect product to meet your needs:

  • Transparent squeeze bottles;
  • Wide-mouth restaurant squeeze bottles;
  • Bottles with double spouts;
  • Stainless steel bottles;
  • Handy stainless steel vegetable oil sprays;
  • Lightweight polypropylene dispensers for syrups, sauces, and marinades;
  • Special containers for juice dispensing.

McDonald Paper offers squeeze bottles in a variety of sizes and colors. 

Choose a plastic squeeze dispenser for condiments, sauces, and oils. Press-out bottle has 8 oz. container and a removable cap for easy refilling and maximum comfort.

Also great for self-service seasoning tables, this spray bottle can be marked with a simple marker with no problem. Gravy cup for serving up your favorite sauces and relishes.

Thanks to its stainless steel construction, the sauce cups the press-out bottle. The Triple Spout Decorating Bottle is designed to make pastry-making and other decorating processes easier and cleaner than ever. The triple spout bottle will turn your food into a gourmet dish, help you create a unique design, and make it look even more appetizing and appealing.

Advantages of Buying Saucepans from McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

  • Price from the manufacturer. 

It's easy to see this advantage when you look at the prices in the catalog.

  • Large assortment. 

The company responds to the feedback from customers and is constantly working to expand the range to offer its customers only the best products.

  • Availability in stock. 

90% of products shown on the website are available in stock.

  • Compliance with quality standards. 

All sauce containers are certified to meet all relevant standards.

Containers consist of two parts - the bottom and lid, which are made of environmentally friendly plastic. The lid of the container closes tightly, thus protecting the sauces from various germs. The sauces from McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies can come complete with a lid, or separately.

You can also get special plastic pipettes wholesale for adding sauces and ketchup to culinary dishes. We offer bulk steel dispensers for cream and volumetric separators-pitchers for fatty mixes and sauces.