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Baking Cups

Baking Cups at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Ready-made cupcakes and muffins need to be able to serve them beautifully at your bakery and make it convenient for customers to eat them. So using parchment paper cupcake liners is a great idea. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies can choose the perfect cup to complement your cupcake. These wrappers are a quick and safe way to serve baked  goods that customers can throw away after use. Let's learn more about these disposable items.

Types of Parchment Paper Cupcake Liners

Let's look at different sizes of baking cups: 

  1. Mini muffin paper cups are great for versatile use. The bite-sized shape makes them perfect for holding chocolate bonbons, fruits, candies, and mini-baking cupcakes. Be careful while pouring batter into such cups, as its size makes it easy to cause some mess.
  2. Standard cupcake liners are the most commonly used by professional and at-home bakers alike and are meant to be compatible with most standard cupcake pans. They are designed to be easy to handle so bakers of all levels can successfully bake sweets. 
  3. Large cupcake paper cups are perfect for baking special treats. If your clients are looking for unique sweets to serve on their special occasions, offer cupcakes or muffins in a larger size to catch their eye. They are incredibly versatile and can bake and serve savory treats.

Choose the Best Baking Cups at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies can deliver any baking cups in bulk. You only need to choose which of them you want. Our showroom in Brooklyn will pleasantly surprise you with a large selection of products. We deliver orders throughout the US – NY, NJ, PA, and other states. We cooperate only with the best manufacturers, therefore we are responsible for the quality of our products.