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Foam Trays

Safe Foam Trays – McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Styrofoam is a type of expanded polystyrene that many restaurants use to make takeaway containers due to its insulating properties and low production cost. Styrofoam is a lightweight material that is approximately 95% air and can be rigid or liquid. So that is why styrofoam trays are one of the most popular products in our showroom. We can guarantee the quality of the materials from which such trays are made and their versatility. Foam trays can also be used as foam platters for appetizers or second courses. Let's learn more about what McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies offers.

Foam Food Trays: More about Assortment

We are ready to offer foam serving trays in different sizes and colors. All our trays are made from high-quality foam and can personalize your meal.

  • White foam trays;

  • Deep foam meat trays;

  • Square supermarket trays;

  • Black foam food trays;

  • Blue flat styrofoam trays;

  • Yellow foam meat trays;

  • Pink foam meat trays. 

Special search filters allow you to find more information about our assortment on the official website. Or visit our showroom in Brooklyn to see most of our products in person.

Other Reasons to Choose McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies 

We have become popular and sought-after wholesale suppliers not only because of the diverse assortment. We also have several other advantages that will make our cooperation as successful as possible.

  • Customer focus. We can help you choose disposable tableware for your restaurant by suggesting what best suits the style of your business.

  • We have our delivery service. So whether you've made an order through the website or in our showroom, you can arrange delivery to NY, NJ, and PA.

  • Products from proven materials. We control the quality of our goods. Therefore, you can be sure that the selected styrofoam lunch tray is completely safe.

Rest assured that we will take care of your business by providing the best disposable tableware on the market.